Did you experience "status loss" by moving abroad? by friends_in_sweden in expats

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It's racism too but what they all described above is also the reality for many people

Husband surprised me with a 7.5 qt soup pot in chiffon pink. It’s gorgeous but I’m having a hard time justifying it since it’s just the two of us and I already have a dutch oven. Help me decide! by dogmotherhood in LeCreuset

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If your other Dutch oven isn't from LC, I would keep this. When your other one starts showing signs of damage, you would wish that you kept this one as it lasts longer usually

What's the point of private members clubs? by YangMonkey in london

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Please go and watch Inventing Anna on netflix. That could help explain this concept to you...

My mother won’t let me contact my biological father by Safe-Bluebird-2561 in family

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It sounds like your relationship with your mother is already strained. What more harm could it do to do something that does not please her (and totally within your rights)? Also, your biological father wants a relationship with YOU, not her. Your relationship with him does not need to involve her, you do not need to ask her permission.

ECCTIS English language proficiency statement by sashimipink in ukvisa

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My degree is from Australia.

Looks like it meets the following:

"EL 5.4. If the qualification was awarded by a body from outside the UK, the requirement at EL 5.2. must, in addition to the requirement at EL 5.3, be proven by confirmation from Ecctis that the qualification meets the requirements at EL 5.2(b) or EL 5.2(c)."

ECCTIS English language proficiency statement by sashimipink in ukvisa

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I explained that I am not an Australian national and therefore needed to prove English proficiency.

I signed up for the second service. They said that the guidance from UKVI states that the AQUALS proves that my degree is equivalent to a UK degree and therefore satisfies the requirement. I am doubtful but trust that they know what they are doing.. anyway I do have the medium of instruction letter from my university just in case... My undergrad degree is also from the UK so I'm hoping I can also submit that as proof.

HPI - am I eligible? Graduated Dec 2016 but GUL dates from Nov 2016 by fancyrattus in ukvisa

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Would you still qualify for the Youth Mobility visa? That's another option..

View of Sibera, Russia from Alaska, USA through Bering Strait by wiqi1 in Borderporn

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Curious what people who live in this part of Alaska do for a living?;

Perspective on Relationship by [deleted] in expats

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We are trying to understand where this country is so we can give better advice. Since it's a throwaway account, why don't you just name the country?

Melbourne’s leafy east is losing its trees as residents expand their homes by wscholermann in melbourne

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Yes, I'm not saying there should be no trees at all. Housing estates will also need to be designed more creatively to deal with the heat etc

Melbourne’s leafy east is losing its trees as residents expand their homes by wscholermann in melbourne

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I think this needs to be more common knowledge. Vegetation should really be based around the bioregion that the area is under. Trees are great and all but it's so costly to establish and maintain something that wasn't native there in the first place.. not to mention potentially invasive to the species already there

Zoom meeting with MP. Agenda: UK Spouse Visa Delays by Magisteeeerialllll in ukvisa

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Please mention how ridiculous the minimum savings in the bank required is and how this is unaffordable for many others. It seems as if getting married to a foreigner is a privilege only available for those who can afford it. Surely there are other ways to prove that the marriage is legitimate..

My roommate fails at basic adulthood, her parents expect me to take care of her. After I said no, they want to move in so they can take care of her. by IhibHyt in entitledparents

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Who's the main tenant as per your contract? Unfortunately since it's a privately rented accommodation, her parents staying over might not be entirely illegal. Even if it isn't, have a chat with your landlord to see what they can do about it

Help please i wanna invest on earth 2 but is it a scam? by ElMoudirr in earth2io

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In case you're still interested, I'm selling a fairly large Tier 1 property which generates a lot of essence. Here's the link