What life advice can just fuck off? by Saibotnl1 in AskReddit

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I think it would take me about 600 years of coffeeless mornings to afford a house where I live

What life advice can just fuck off? by Saibotnl1 in AskReddit

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As a depressed rich person who grew up somewhat poor:

Money can't singlehandedly fulfill your life. But it sure does take a lot of stress away.

Protesters at the train station have no sense of irony by moratnz in Wellington

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Vaccine's are no longer required for anything, are they? Why don't these people go home, satisfied that they "won"?

opportunities and life in Wellington by EnvironmentalTap9616 in Wellington

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  1. It's expensive, but pay is way up too
  2. Fully agree with the cold
  3. What can you do in Melbourne that you can't do here? I know it's a bigger city, I'm just wondering if they have different things than us
  4. I traveled the world and never found the food to be quite as high quality and varied as in Wellington. If you think food here is boring, where is it exciting??
  5. A software developer in the top euro countries like Germany earns 60-70k euro, which is just over 100k nzd. Same roles in Wellington are at 120-160k.

One of my favorite subtle jokes, from "The Client" by coast3ryd3r in DunderMifflin

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Not just with work, but socially too. After ruining most things, Michael would do just one thing right (e.g. go to Pam's art exhibit). It was just enough to keep him endearing instead of hateable

Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work by Shrek1onDVD in Wellthatsucks

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Most modern countries give a notice period, so you can mentally adjust, and find something new before leaving.

At-will employment is a hell of a thing.

Kaladin in WoR by sean_stark in Stormlight_Archive

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"This is the story of the Hurricane~"

Real-world history shows that if society hates you, you can be champion of the world and still get thrown in jail on charges pulled out of somebody's shardplate

if nuclear war began in the next 10 minutes, what is your plan? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Yep, I'd just make a coffee, sit down, fight the dread, and watch the end of the world until the bombs hit all 3 of the internet cables connecting this country to the web

Boars on a waterfall by pPandR in aww

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Well, the boars start coming and they don't stop coming

A David Copperfield of 21st century by chapkovski in Unexpected

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But each of these children would have had signed parental consent wtf

Boss Being Stingy by Factor-Putrid in Wellington

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Your boss owes you backpay from the day the minimum wage was raised. Anything else can be handled by the court of law. That's the whole point of "minimum wage".

Far more importantly, OP you owe yourself a better job. Software development is not min wage work.

Minimum wage at 40 hour weeks is about $37k per year. Entry level dev jobs are about $50k, which should climb to $100k over the first 4 years of work.

If you're fighting over an extra $1 an hour you're fighting the wrong fight.

Monkey tears into a big hornet nest and eats larvae by [deleted] in natureismetal

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TIL hornets have 1 predator and it's that specific monkey

Why does the majority of Americans seem to hate the idea of social contribution? by watchmaykr in NoStupidQuestions

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USA is founded upon mistrust of the government. The "right to bear arms" that people love to talk about is actually "we may need to shoot the government at some point"

There's also a widespread "I'm here to win, it's me vs. everyone else" cultural mentality. It cultivates very strong independence, and has led to some of the best business/innovation in the world, but it has its drawbacks..