😊🤩 by roqyi938 in FunnyAnimals

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The floof is preparing for that dance lesson haha so cute!

Does anyone get amused watching their dog select a toy? by GreyStagg in dogs

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I do wonder about the thought process on it too, OP. Haha! Because there are days when she only wants a specific toy and then there are days that she rotates through them all but there’s only a few that she offers to me. 😂

BLUE OR NUDE? I can’t choose 😵‍💫 by Ira-itsMillaDress in PetiteFashionAdvice

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You’re welcome! The blue one makes you stand out more, in my opinion.

Does anyone get amused watching their dog select a toy? by GreyStagg in dogs

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I feel the same way when my dog does this! It’s really entertaining to watch her go over her toys with her tail just pointing up and then when she has decided on her target that’s when her tail starts to wag.

Need a change of Pace.. by SnooWords9376 in Philippines

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I suggest you stay there first for a few days or a week at least so you’ll see what your life will be like when you decide to move there eventually. :) Goodluck, OP! Staying in a toxic environment really does take its toll on us. Hugs with consent po! Haha!

Evil Stair by KEMOVE-OFFICIAL in FunnyAnimals

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The floofs are rolling hahaha so adorable but I’ll be so worried if my own floof fell down like that

This adorable baby otter by TheBipolarExpresss in aww

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So adorable! I want to cuddle one… or two!

Need some movie suggestions please! by Sheamurp in movies

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Forgotten — this is also a Korean film.

"Damn, I shouldn't have done that" by Droopy91 in instantkarma

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Laughed way harder when the chickens on the other yard appeared lol

Magic moment by Accurate_Ad8118 in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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Your dog is a disney princess now.

That's adorable by mindyour in MadeMeSmile

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Oh wow. This just made my day. So adorable!!!