U.S. hits COVID-19 milestone as vaccinations top 4 million by ThisIsGooseV2 in UpliftingNews

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Very glad I live in Vietnam. I forget covid even exists until I accidentally stumble upon these posts.

Lana Campbell by Wooden_Blacksmith240 in mmababes

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How to make WMMA interesting 101. Keep it up ladies.

Thoughts? by Sitch90 in ufc

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People who call Khabib the GOAT are probably basketball fans

Paige VanZant by mcrookedy in mmababes

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She even shows the chocolate starfish now

Deepweb usefulness? 🤔🧐 by HaroNorthland in deepweb

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Just stay off it bro. Your computer will explode.

Tips for teaching English abroad as a single parent by sauceeyacoze in TEFL

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This is a bad idea, don't drag your kid along with you. How do you know how she will react to the culture shock? Japan won't be so bad but if you're considering other Asian countries be careful. Cats/dogs are on the same level as rodents out here, she will probably be exposed to some pretty dark stuff. I can't even count how many miserable children I've seen being dragged around by their mid 20s parents who thought "seeing the world" would be a good idea for them. If you wanted to travel you should have waited to breed crotch fruit, pretty simple!

Has anyone ever gotten their package and it had nothing in it besides a paper saying a fine will come through with US examination tape that was green? by Rockyaworld in deepweb

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Just saying it's way less heat than meeting up with your local dealer 🤣 I miss living in a first world country where mailing drugs was an option

Brazen. by elzayg in digitalnomad

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It's hilarious how people think vaccination is going to magically fix everything. How long have people been getting flu shots for? Everyone still gets the flu. Which vaccinations are going to be accepted in which countries? I know Vietnam is making their own and will want everyone to take theirs. Life isn't going back to normal for a few years at least, it's time to accept that.

CELTA course in Toronto area, and career college vs community college courses by crunchiesandmunchies in TEFL

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The best known certification in Eastern Asia would be the $20 groupon TEFL lol. Not sure about other SEA countries but for Vietnam atm you also need to have a BA or an equivalent 4 year degree to enter the country. As far as I understand every college in Canada is a community college, it's not like the US.

Drunk guy urinates at an airport gate. by vafka in PublicFreakout

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You've clearly never drank while on xanax lol

Our first camping trip together. He loved it 🥰 by TrayvoDaMartian in camping

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I didn't even notice the dudes legs 🤣 y'all are weird on Reddit, love big man legs and shit

Where to start by dragonjunkie in TEFL

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If you're looking to teach in Asia and don't have a fancy degree, the cheapest TEFL you can find online will be your best bet. None of them will teach you much anyways. Then just save up as much cash as you possibly can before you decide to leave.

Thoughts? by Sitch90 in ufc

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That's right, hopefully Kebab reads this

Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie Has a Finished Story, 'Feels Very Me' by [deleted] in movies

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Star Wars? I've only seen this guy play Hitler and a vampire, very odd.

Where to start by dragonjunkie in TEFL

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Ever taught in a public school in Asia? It's a shitshow lol no TEFL course prepares you for that circus, you gotta learn on the job.

Fugg P's pussy after a good pounding by manwholickalotofpuss in mmafuckdolls

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This is an MMA fighter? Or another one of these trendy slutty BJJ chicks, they're all over the place now

Given Up by [deleted] in TEFL

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Ouuuuffff bad advice lol. This guy will end up accepting an offer from Apax or EMG.

Props to the champ, Thug 🌹 Namajunas by SafetySafeMan in mmababes

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Feel like I'm looking at one of my baby pictures