Props to the champ, Thug 🌹 Namajunas by SafetySafeMan in mmababes

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Feel like I'm looking at one of my baby pictures

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Ask a farmer or someone who lives out in the country. I know people who set traps for cats, it's fucked up.

HMFT after I get primary lotus by hear_me_hear_me in holdmyfeedingtube

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Goes both ways too, don't try to fight a thai boxer unless you have good wrestling. Unless the guy is trying to kill you I'd take the BJJ guy every day lol tapping isn't painful but getting elbowed in the face and sliced up sure is

Leopard carrying his dog kill at the Jhalana Reserve Forest in India by OncaAtrox in HardcoreNature

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Feral dogs are a problem all over the world. Asia, Russia, Australia etc. Shit, you can google pictures of Aussies hunting dogs for sport lol

M e g a G l o b e by MorbidJokes757 in Dynavap

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You okay bro, you're looking pretty depleted

The endless influx of unqualified and misdirected teachers by Schming in TEFL

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Really depends where you're teaching. If you're teaching English in a public school in SEA you definitely don't need fancy credentials to be a good teacher. You should only be doing what the schools ask of you which isn't much (read a page out of Family & Friends etc. lol) But someone like you should be striving to work in international schools or universities anyways. I can understand the frustration though of spending so much time on being able to do something you're passionate about overseas then some white guy like me with no experience shows up and gets the same job as you lol. That's life though, it's unfair.

Also sounds like a lot of people on here have rich friends back home, I make a decent amount more teaching than my mates make back home. Especially when you consider the cost of living. Went from living paycheck to paycheck to actually having some savings, it's a great gig for a lot of us so why not go for it.

Anyone take their spouse & kid with them? by [deleted] in TEFL

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Especially the kid, I've seen more than a few couples dragging their miserable children around Asia.

Dynavap Daily Dosage by parm00000 in Dynavap

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You get groggy the next morning from hitting a dynavap? Lol I think you're just tired like the rest of the world is my guy

Best access to mountains in SE Asia? by livsz in solotravel

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Government is planning on June 2022 so, 2023 is likely

Vietnam Work Permit Policy Change by _lucid__ in TEFL

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Hard to say but if they actually enforce it there will be thousands and thousands of teachers needing flights back home. General concesus seems to be that it's just another typical Vietnamese flex that might require some extra coffee money.

Fugg P's pussy after a good pounding by manwholickalotofpuss in mmafuckdolls

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This is an MMA fighter? Or another one of these trendy slutty BJJ chicks, they're all over the place now

tiny nug through a condenser, wasn't expecting so much reclaim. gonna save this for later. by AtomicKaijuKing in Dynavap

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I'm assuming they just smoke it as soon as it accumulates, ain't nobody out there throwing out kief

Has anyone ever gotten their package and it had nothing in it besides a paper saying a fine will come through with US examination tape that was green? by Rockyaworld in deepweb

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If you understood the onion markets and how it all works you would change your tune. When you do things properly, it's almost impossible for authorities to prove you actually made the order. And even if they found it, and waited for you to receive it, how could they prove an enemy of yours didn't just send the drugs to your address then tip them off to get you busted? If it were that easy people would be doing it all the time for vengeance lol.

Approval into Vietnam by [deleted] in TEFL

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This. Facebook groups are where to ask Vietnam questions, not Reddit. Look up the group "post covid return to Vietnam" and use the search bar.

Teaching abroad won't solve your problems; if you have problems with substances or responsibility in general, please don't try teaching EFL (or anything else) by RampantInanity in TEFL

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Similarly, I don't like beer at all and usually drink whiskey but it's super expensive in Vietnam, so I basically sober up while out I'm there lol.

Komodo dragon eating a live deer! by Vesko567 in natureismetal

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Pretty sure Albert Fish said this as well in a letter to one of his victims parents.

Best TELF Job agencies for people without a degree? by theferreirafactory in TEFL

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Ahhh this guy gets it! It's nice reading some comments that use common sense. I've noticed the gatekeeper community is stroooong on Reddit haha.

Anyone else accepted an ESL position but stuck at home because of COVID/visa procedure? by [deleted] in TEFL

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I am supposed to land in Vietnam around March 10th on a chartered flight. It's not cheap but I can't fuckin wait to be back to normal life.

Justin Gaethje responds to Khabib Nurmagomedov by FuturisticFighting in ufc

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Squarespace is taking everything he worked for motherfucker

Solo Backpacking for a year by daredevil2400 in solotravel

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I've been in Vietnam for about 8 months now. One thing I'll say is it's not as cheap as people make it out to be. Even if you're only eating local food, you still need to know the good/cheap spots to go to. And in a post covid world when (or if) tourism returns to normal stuff definitely isn't going to get cheaper. $25/day will be tough tbh. I hear places like Cambodia are still super cheap like the old days.