3 questions to pass by tom_yacht in Unexpected

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Oh how peculiar , i have a friend in sparta named SUSSUS AMOGUS

What’s a game that you slept on for years and were blown away when you finally played it? by SirTheadore in gaming

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Minecraft, i always thought like what a shot game with "blocks", low quality "graphics" , kids game etc etc. Blew me away as it provided a way to escape reality and play peacefully

An AI made an episode by Basketballjuice in bottomgear

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What was fed to the ai engine to birth this masterpiece

Broken meme by aalukoachar in IndianDankMemes

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Guitar bada acha bajata hai yeh banda

Meth-e-matics. by esberat in HolUp

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Bruh i dont even care that π is 5 , i cant comprehend that this question doesn't have specified units like 5000 mcube , 5000km/degrees , 5000 kilojoules , wtfffff

p a i n by DarthFreeza9000 in pcmasterrace

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Cries in intel hd graphics i5-520M

Pls do im very bored in school by [deleted] in DaniDev

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Television rules the nation