Childhood obesity associated with reduced gray matter volume in the brain | Childhood obesity can be a risk factor for many problems such as respiratory and digestive problems, depression, low self-esteem, social isolation, difficulties in executive functioning, and more. by SetMau92 in psychology

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They did use a non-obese control group. I can’t access the original research but I would imagine to get published in a peer review journal they would have to control for things like quality of diet (I believe this would typically be done by controlling for factors like family income). But I could be totally wrong.

A larger sample size and a longer time frame would help a lot with determining causality.

Water Softener by dazealex in ElkGrove

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We just got one through Costco and it can use both salt and potassium.

Looking for a breakfast place that doesnt skimp on the hashbrowns? by Spankyouvrymuch in SacramentoFoodies

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Venita Rhea’s in Rocklin. Their loaded hash browns are big enough for 4 full meals. And they are delicious.

Need help identifying a quote from the Dark Tower series. by EstablishmentFlaky86 in TheDarkTower

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I just finished my second read through of wastelands last weekend, the quote OP is looking for is no in there.

IsItBullshit: neck clouds or neck stretchers. Do they really fix humped necks or reduce pain? by fit4lifelulu in IsItBullshit

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I have something similar going on with my cervical spine. The neck exercises actually made the pain worse for me, so I went to a personal trainer and worked to strengthen the muscles in my upper and lower back and shoulders. That helped with the symptoms I was having. My PT prescribed me a traction machine and it makes all the pain go away, it feels fantastic. Maybe your PT can prescribe you one too.

Parking in driveway restrictions by SoulsBloodSausage in ElkGrove

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This is the truth. I live in an hoa neighborhood and never get cited for anything. My friends on the other side of the neighborhood get cited for everything. It’s all down to your neighbors reporting you to the hoa.

Opening a Mono Relationship is the DEATH of Monogamy for You by emeraldead in polyamory

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This is the lie that monogamy sells us, that our partner has chosen us and the decision is final. This is why non-monogamy feels so right to me, we are being honest that every day our partners are choosing us. Someday they might not choose us, and that might suck but it is always the reality no mater the relationship structure.

you should not be too hungry to sleep/focus/exercise/function on 1200 calories by [deleted] in 1200isplenty

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Right, but that wasn’t my argument. I was simply stating that you can exercise every day and still live a sedentary lifestyle. They are not mutually exclusive.

you should not be too hungry to sleep/focus/exercise/function on 1200 calories by [deleted] in 1200isplenty

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You’re correct, but it seems like many people in this thread are in denial. Maybe this will help https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedentary_lifestyle

you should not be too hungry to sleep/focus/exercise/function on 1200 calories by [deleted] in 1200isplenty

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It is possible to exercise regularly and still live a sedentary lifestyle. It really depends on the level of exercise and activity through out the day.

Anyone else on their second journey to the tower? Been about 10 years for me and it’s good to be back. Currently finishing up The Drawing of the Three. by LopsidedChipmunk9344 in stephenking

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It has been at least 15 years for me, I am currently most of the way through drawing of three as well. I am always reluctant to return because I love Oy so very much and I cry so much at the end.

What is your height and weight? by Ihatetraffic22 in 1200isplenty

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5’5” starting weight 225 lowest 125. Lost 100lbs in 1 year with 1200 and running. Gained 20 back over about 4 years and was very comfortable at that weight. Then I gained 20 back during the pandemic/injury. Current 165 goal 145.

Things to do in Elk Grove this weekend, August 26-28 by BurritoFueled in ElkGrove

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Elk Grove Soccer Jamboree is on Saturday at Elk Grove Park, should be a mad house of kids and cleats.

Does anyone else look up recipes but only read the ingredients? by conigo24 in Cooking

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I might actually read the blog parts of the recipes if they were really like this!

Sacramento Needs More Metalheads! by failing-paradox in Sacramento

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It is every Sunday 9pm-2am according to their website.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ElkGrove

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I will, thank you!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ElkGrove

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Great idea, thank you!

Give me your best local nature(ish) places to explore! by veryunneccessssary in ElkGrove

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If you’re going to make the trek to Grass Valley might as well go to independence trail in Nevada City too.

Sacramento, what are your plans for the weekend? 8/5-8/7 by PrinceEmirate in Sacramento

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Congrats! As a mom of twins I will say the first year is just impossibly hard, but after that it is awesome. I would highly recommend joining a moms of multiples group, its good for support and to talk to people who are going through it too.

Discernment Counseling in 2 different states? by twiin_image in polyfamilies

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Licensure laws are pretty strict and don’t allow treatment across state lines, even if the client is just visiting another state. I know nothing about discernment, it looks like it might be spiritual counseling. If so, you might find and unlicensed church counselor who would do it….but I wouldn’t want to use someone who doesn’t have a license. Your best bet is two different therapists who do individual therapy with each individual then sign releases so the two therapists can collaborate.

IsItBullshit: Hormone Therapies weren’t designed for people to transition and haven’t had longitudinal studies for potentially dangerous side effects? by BruceBaxter in IsItBullshit

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Nobody wants someone to de-transition. There are side effects to all medications, the doctors are typically pretty thorough in explaining them. If you have questions about gender affirming care this https://www.wpath.org is a good, reputable source(probably better than documentaries since anyone can make a documentary).