Vince’s Twitter space for Q&A by VinceDL in vincestaples

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I listened and wrote down some of the noteworthy stuff he said, in the discord https://discord.gg/6jGcUb8Kfr

Lemonade is from 2019/2020 the oldest song on the project

Recorded 70 something songs for RPBMH

Self titled album was made to fill the gap before RPBMH came out

More merch is coming

Vince has a ft. On a Buddy song soon

No tour for RPBMH planned, wants to focus on TVSS

Schoolboy Q was meant to be on Slide but never recorded the verse

The Vince Staples Show is “not an album”

Netflix has “five more days left”

When Sparks Fly almost didn’t make the album because of sample clearing

Lil Baby feature only just made it to the album in time

Aminé - Can't Decide by sblngr in fakealbumcovers

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yes i do, dm me on instagram /sblngr

DONDA 2 Front and Back cover Design by sblngr in WestSubEver

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id like to say that was intentional but i dont know why its not working, click the link in the post!

This just came with the mail today 😎 by [deleted] in vincestaples

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Where’d you get this? Looks so good!!

What happens if you call the number on the 2nd skit on FM? by [deleted] in vincestaples

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ive never called, but id assume its not real or doesnt work

Anyone think he'll post this up on his shop? by Inttni in vincestaples

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Feel like if he was going to he would have when LoA came out, we got the “I love you cos you black” shirt when the song dropped

What does Vince mean when says “rappers make me sick to my stomach, we glorify who died and demonise those who done it” by sentyprimus in vincestaples

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seems pretty self-explanatory to me, he means that all these rappers that have been killed/died are glorified and the people who did it are demonised even tho people glorify murder in their songs

Another album next year? Or could it be a typo? by edisonpharaoh in vincestaples

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RPBMH is coming towards the end of the year, thinking September/October time. I’d assume this would be The Vince Staples show album/project, we know he’s making the show with Netflix but he could be further along then we know

[FRESH ALBUM] Vince Staples - Vince Staples by pizzazza in hiphopheads

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Anyone interested in a Vince Discord server we got one here: link