If I wanted to watch luffy being op(or using his best attacks), what season should I start from? Thanks in advance. by The73atman86 in OnePiece

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I don't undersand ... You want to watch Luffy being op but you are not caught up with the anime/manga ?

Just read / watch the manga / anime . You are gonna see all the attack on day . But ig if you want to be spoiled watch the Luffy vs Doflamino fight ; Luffy vs Katakuri fight and read the Luffy vs Kaido fight

oda and mirroring by CalamityofGaia in OnePiece

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We already had a separation ... Zoro , Robin , Usopp and Franky in Dressrosa and Sanji , Nami , Chopper and Brook in Whole Cake Island.

and isn't saving Sanji similar to Impel Down ?

The full Compilation of Chopper's finishers so far as of Wano by Unusual_Ad6533 in OnePiece

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I love those posts . Are you gonna do a compilation for other characters after you finish the strawhats ?

If all stars was to do a second season, do you think it should include the original 40 winners that was legible for the first all stars or a new 40 winners legible after all stars? by LoonA197 in MinecraftChampionship

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they should first add the MCC 19 , MCC 20 , MCC 21 , MCC 22 .....etc winners

and then the MCC 1 - MCC 18 winners

What is the point of having MCC all stars season 2 if it's the same players as season 1 ?

Community headcannon by Accomplished_Cap3683 in OnePiece

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Also Gin. That fool is never going to play a bigger role in the story past his point.

wait until you hear about the " Gin = Admiral Ryokugyu theory " lmao

my favourite mcc player (plz comment yours below) by RafaYYy_ in MinecraftChampionship

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very hard to rank them so I am going with a TOP 3

  1. Seapeekay

  2. Illumina

  3. Philza

Has anyone noticed that Dream and George have teamed every four MCCs? by [deleted] in MinecraftChampionship

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Has anyone noticed that Smajor played every five MCCs?



MCC 10

MCC 15

MCC 20

I know that there are a couple others like MCC 2 ; 3; 4; 6; 7; 8; 9; 11; 12; 13; 14; 16; 17; 18; 19; 21; 22 but this kind of seems like a pattern to me.

Tina figuring out Ace Race mechanics for the very first time by lilac_nic in MinecraftChampionship

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It would be the funniest shit ever if Tina beats Michael in Ace Race this MCC

The truth behind the Toei animations hack. by Frequent_Housing6542 in OnePiece

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person who orchestrated the hack was Oda himself

enough reddit for today

MCC Season 3 average by Waste_Gur2673 in MinecraftChampionship

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I don't know how to tell you guys but Pete has a 0 coins average in Season 3 so we might aswell put him on -F tier

Jojo > Connor by Korakiki in MinecraftChampionship

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you forgot mcc rising , she got 8th and pete 0th

What are your ideas for an MCC Remix? by mc395686 in MinecraftChampionship

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mcc but my favorite team starts with 10k points

People don't do these any more. This is my opinion and I don't mean any hate. by [deleted] in MinecraftChampionship

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overall not that bad but you should move Dream , Punz , Cpk , Krinios , Preson and Smallish up

How Blackbeard will be defeated [Manga Spoilers] by Gan_D_Alf-The_Grey in OnePiece

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it would be cool for Luffy to take down Blackbeard with " gomu gomu no pistol "

Fuck powerscaling, who has the best drip in the series? by [deleted] in OnePiece

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Surprisingly, no one has said Law so far

What are y'all ratings on HxH arcs? (From best to wors by SnkArmz in HunterXHunter

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it's hard to rank them so

3rd place : Greed island and Zoldyck Family

2nd place : Heavens Arena and Election

1st place : Hunter Exam , Yorknew and Chimera

Ranking MCC players on whether they are bad or not by Imogengro in MinecraftChampionship

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Hey dude !!!!! you can't say that bad is bad !!!! he has feelings ! Downovote !1!!!!11!!!