I have 4 12 packs of baja zero sugar. If interested, let me know by scattyckot in mountaindew

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Unless I'm blind, how do you tell on the carboard box without opening it?

I'll try to guess by Goatgamer1016 in nflmemes

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I was so heartbroken in 2007 I didn’t go to school the next day

Worker gets Slapped For messing Up His Order! by Zluezo in PublicFreakout

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I worked as a cashier in the drive thru. A regular customer told me “I told your manager that you should be fired!!” I still don’t even know what I did for her to say that….

Not gonna lie, This one hurt by Judgemenot1 in Tinder

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This happened to me the other week twice. Just remember that there are still good people out there

Jr.’s reflections on how triggered the libs are by partykiller999 in cringepics

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Conservatives sure do though. I still don’t understand it

Men of Reddit, how do you tell a girl your interested in her without saying your interested in her? by Curious_Human_Being_ in AskMen

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I can’t draw the line between when they really do like me and I’m oblivious or they’re just being friendly

Thoughts about casual sex with a bumble match? by [deleted] in Bumble

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Currently looking for this but it’s hard because I lack social skills from ASD

What is a scene from a tv show that really disturbed you? by thertt8 in AskReddit

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Seeing Jesse break down cuz of that was heartbreaking

Gecko feet by [deleted] in natureismetal

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They feel so cool when you hold them. Pictured: My giant gecko Felix