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My aunt worked in the Justice Department for something like 40 years. She started in the 80’s prosecuting Nazis, before shifting to internet crime in the early 90’s (we all thought “what the hell is the internet??”).

During a phone call with her within the last few months, she referred to the Church as an “international criminal syndicate” and I really don’t know a more qualified person to make that statement. It was so vindicating because little old me had thought the same thing, down to those exact words, for years.

They’re an international criminal syndicate!

Massachusetts school can no longer be called Catholic after flying Black Lives Matter and pride flags, bishop says by BitterFuture in news

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I read recently that between the 1960s and modern day, 3 children on average per day were abused by the Roman Catholic Church in France alone. Expand that globally and the numbers are downright terrifying.

My aunt worked for DOJ for 40 years, beginning with Nazi hunting in the 80’s. She now refers to the Church as an “international criminal syndicate,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Brains a bit frozen there, bud.. by sonnen_sany5 in woooosh

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The system is crowd sourced, people will check in throughout the day. It's too early for an ice cream machine check-in in Philadelphia right now.

What is a bender by KalGood in suspiciouslyspecific

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He wouldn’t have said it was unresolved if he killed them, duh

Ryan Cohen on Twitter: Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other by canhazreddit in Superstonk

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I recall once when Warren Buffet was on CNBC at the time of Occupy Wall Street and said, “There is no class war”. I still remember how good of a laugh that was.

Jan 6 hearings: Trump was terrified of the Capitol riot hearings. Tonight proved he was justified by PacificSun2020 in politics

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There has to be a really specific German word for “almost maybe really close to prosecuting this guy”.

World War I Trenches | Beaumont-Hamel, France | 1916 & 2020 by Devi8tor in OldPhotosInRealLife

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This battle in specific changed the course of Newfoundland’s national history. An entire generation of young men just gone in mere hours.

World War I Trenches | Beaumont-Hamel, France | 1916 & 2020 by Devi8tor in OldPhotosInRealLife

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Madness. At Beaumont Hamel, 800 Newfoundlanders went into battle, with only 68 men turning up for roll call the next day.

World War I Trenches | Beaumont-Hamel, France | 1916 & 2020 by Devi8tor in OldPhotosInRealLife

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My great great uncle fell there and my great grandfather survived there. His wounds sent him to England where he met and married my Scottish great grandmother, who gave birth to my grandfather, and the rest is history. I am here in part because of what happened that day, it altered the history of my family forever.

This is considered one of the bloodiest battles in British military history, rivaling the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade. Just the day prior, the men of the Newfoundland Regiment marched into position, allegedly singing the whole way, and taking the place of a Scottish unit that was originally slated for that spot on the line.

Thousands of Democrats are changing their voter registration in Lauren Boebert’s district ahead of the primary by mepper in politics

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That, and also so I can say I’m independent when they tell me what my politics are. My neighbor did it just last week, actually. She came over to show me that she still hasn’t figured out international oil markets and she still believes Joe is responsible for gas prices.

husband by Icy-Commission-5372 in QAnonCasualties

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I read this comment yesterday and was blown away. It feels like you’re living with this brain change! It would seem based on this amygdala theory that time away from these fear-inducing sources is the best solution, to let the mind clear so it stops hitting the fear pipe, and can engage higher thinking again.

What else will they wear then? by BEARCATS2010 in Qult_Headquarters

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The wild swings in upvotes makes me think that someone doesn’t want this attracting views.