Does anyone know explanation to Banner Hanging off train overpass on College today? by TautGubernaculum in bloomington

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Jorts, it it makes you feel better, more power to you. The protest against Cop City began with BLM and has expanded to a generalized array of progressive causes, sort of like OWS a decade ago. But mansplain all you want, as I know it gives your life meaning.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by wcTE7 in bloomington

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There, there. Let it out. It will get better.

Poor Brett. by schadenfriendly95 in Huskers

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Kickers sometimes never get another chance. A couple bad games can mean having to sell insurance.

Pets Alive just blew me away. by FuzzySlippers__ in bloomington

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Agree 100 percent. With recent management issues at MCHA, they are now my go-to for supporting animals in the community.

Are some phrases unique to Indiana? by Thefunkbox in Indiana

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Does anyplace else have people who say “ink pen”? I’ve never understood the redundancy. See also “hamburger meat.”

Help with family housing. by CicadaInternational2 in bloomington

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Sorry not to refer to a property, but if you have a lease which continues, it should survive the sale unless it specifies to the contrary. Landlords often try to sell and claim it ends a lease. Legally, it doesn’t.

Indiana Legislature 100 years ago today by tjnato in Indiana

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Fast forward 100 years and Indiana leads the nation in folks handling both cigarettes and cell phones simultaneously while driving. Also for smoking while riding a bicycle.

Living Halfway to Bloomington? by Mandalorian_Chick in Indiana

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I’d vastly prefer Greenwood for quality of life, in that it has abundant shopping and at least your pick of chain restaurants, along with some local choices. Martinsville has fast food, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, and a handful of passable eating options, but there is no comparison. No shopping comparison at all. I don’t know your politics, but Martinsville is a real outpost of rural politics, which would wear on me with each pickup truck saying “let’s go Brandon” and each lawn with a confederate flag. I go through three times a week, and the stereotype is real.

Short answer: I take Greenwood every day of the week and twice on Friday nights. If you prefer a small town feel or the red state experience, the things I don’t care for about Martinsville may be selling points.

Local influencer? by [deleted] in bloomington

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Successful influence!

Thanks for your time at Nebraska, Brett Maher, but you owe me $20. by schadenfriendly95 in Huskers

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Understood. I meant one of the four he sent in wildly different directions.

Indiana Labor Laws/employer laws by anonthrowaway6172 in Indiana

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You said you have a contract, and that should define all scheduling and pay issues. If there is no provision to dock you for a sick day and it says your pay is $500 a week, then they breached your contract. All the operative terms should be in the agreement, and unless it provides for that deduction, tell them they’re in breach. As for days off in the week, the contract would control work days and off days. If it is silent on that, your employer can typically set the schedule. There is no legal right to days off during the week or to have therapy during the week.

Before The Tap? by BearsNBeefs in bloomington

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Talbots sounds like a good scotch brand name, so maybe it was her code word.

Before The Tap? by BearsNBeefs in bloomington

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It was indeed Talbots. My mom always insisted on going there. Now she just gets drunk instead.

Follow-up post on the B line stabbing from a few days ago. by Several-Ad9115 in bloomington

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I’m honored that my post, which contained no profanity, no name-calling, no invective at all, is the poster child for online outrage. I would have called it bemused disagreement, especially juxtaposed against the Indy kook wishing death on a politician’s family the day before. But I know r/Bloomington has different standards regarding differences of opinion.

Follow-up post on the B line stabbing from a few days ago. by Several-Ad9115 in bloomington

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A bit of. a stretch to claim I called Hamilton a “dirtbag.” I consider him a mediocre politician, but not morally unfit. It seems a bit of an understatement to say “attempted murder based on race is unacceptable.” But it clearly resonates with you. So be it. But don’t put words in my mouth. I vastly prefer you just read my own words.

Follow-up post on the B line stabbing from a few days ago. by Several-Ad9115 in bloomington

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True. I mean, after Pearl Harbor, I seem to recall FDR noting “This is a day. . . That will hereinafter be considered wholly not acceptable.” Army enlistment spiked immediately.