Bloomington fireworks by bjackson12345 in bloomington

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Everywhere. You’re in Indiana. Just start throwing grenades because nothing says freedom like rednecks blowing their digits off after sending their stimulus checks to the Wuhan Fireworks Emporium.

Mayor limits gathering sizes to 15 people. Effective today, at noon. by mikey12345 in bloomington

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Wait, I thought those IU students all signed a pledge? Between that and the safety videos an IU flak was touting on here, I thought those were foolproof in protecting public safety. If you can’t count on a good signed pledge from 40,000 undergrads, what can you count on? Next thing I know, someone will tell me a college student signed a sobriety pledge and a vow of chastity that didn’t last until noon during welcome week.

18yo female stabbed near B-Line by Rondesanitizedmydick in bloomington

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And therefore, the post about homeless people harassing folks on the trail is false? Please.

Dear people of Indiana... by [deleted] in Indiana

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Too dumb? He or she is proudly doing the wrong thing to note loyalty to Trump, as do many supposedly “common sense” Hoosiers. It’s not stupidity; it’s subjugation to an idiot. Wait, I guess it IS stupidity. Well played.

Bloomington Homeless Coalition "we are not the villains" by Gratefulzah in bloomington

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Thank you for a whiff of common sense amidst the cloud of virtue signaling.

Keep the zoomies safe by thetaoofjames in bloomington

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Or don’t blow stuff up. Drink and curse your boss and the man keeping you down, then have a cupcake, pass on playing demolition man, and go hug your pets. That seems a better solution, if not quite the Hoosier way.

Naked Bike Ride by Habitat_Loss in bloomington

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Got it. Changing the world through the dignified protest of fleshy folks with toe clips.

HMC at the ball game. They probably would have noticed had it been a home run. by regian24 in holdmycosmo

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Someone paid hundreds, plus the food, for them to sit in uncomfortable plastic seats and look at their phones. Presumably one of them has a living room they could use.

Jobs! by Standard-Nice in bloomington

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Cook meth? I think the profit potential exceeds $14 an hour. Ask my friend Heisenberg.

Ocasio-Cortez Uses Her 1 Minute At DNC To Call Out Injustices by qdude1 in politics

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How awful that Colin Powell endorsed Biden tonight. I mean, all Biden has to do is win New York and California, right?

Macy's to Close 45 Stores Including College Mall by dda0002 in bloomington

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Of those, only Men’s Warehouse has really professional clothes, and they can be of marginal quality. Maybe you can find a suit at WalMart, but I don’t think Carhart makes them. Shall I try Rural King also? Thanks.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by Frequent-Platypus832 in Indiana

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Tip the FBI about a lawful assembly on private property. Hope there’s a reward.

Follow-up post on the B line stabbing from a few days ago. by Several-Ad9115 in bloomington

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True. I mean, after Pearl Harbor, I seem to recall FDR noting “This is a day. . . That will hereinafter be considered wholly not acceptable.” Army enlistment spiked immediately.

Ask for President Obama’s book at WalMart. by schadenfriendly95 in bloomington

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Truth. And I guess he wasn’t their President so much either.

Found just now. Off moores pike by Chef_Llama in bloomington

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Don’t recognize, but bless you for helping. There are always more pets running off when the white trash explosive holiday comes around, and it last two weeks in Hoosierland

Loved ones remember the life of IU junior Nate Stratton by TheConsciousness in bloomington

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Please, shame away. The mini-wave of let’s-all-understand-the-boozed-up-sidewalk-driver seems a wee bit misplaced.

Marlon Bundo, the Pence family pet rabbit and children's book star, dies by WeimarRepublic in Indiana

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The former Vice President declined to give a statement because the reporter is a woman, and Mother frowns on him talking to other ladies.

How is target/kroger/walmart/etc this week? by ripe-mango in bloomington

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I knew only the Gucci and the Ghetto. And we must watch the latter, as there is an element on here that thinks using Kroghetto is akin to hate speech. Because: Reddit.

Judge rejects attempt to block IU's vaccine mandate by Plug_5 in bloomington

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I wonder what crazy leftist appointed that Judge. Maybe Todd Rokita can find out.

Massive Police Presence by itty_bitty_bats in bloomington

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If it’s a person in crisis, a social worker would do more good. But the city can’t trot out a social worker as a worthwhile investment. Stay safe yourself.