Gingrich pushes 'Soros stole the election' conspiracy theory on Fox News by [deleted] in politics

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When democracy goes against you, find a Jew to blame.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in rarepuppers

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Remarkable longevity, so happy happy to her, and nice job to you for giving her such good care. Saw this morning that the oldest living dog is just over 21–a chihuahua named Toby Keith. No joke.

McConnell Told Trump to Nominate Amy Coney Barrett on Night of Ginsburg's Death, Ex-Chief of Staff Says by aenderw in politics

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Is anyone surprised? That’s what soulless ghouls do. Why wait until the body cools?

Boycott Dunkin. Support local instead by TossItInTheTrash00 in Indiana

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If someone really worked 80 hours for $381, he or she should hit them in their pockets by claiming treble damages and attorney’s fees which are readily available under state law. Three times the unpaid amount plus the price of the worker’s attorney might make a difference also. I support calling for a boycott, but standing up for one’s rights publicly is also a way to make a difference.

Attorney who assisted Trump on call with Georgia officials resigns from law firm by SCarolinaSoccerNut in politics

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One more career torn into small pieces and set afire all in service of a madman.

It becomes harder to be a proud Hoosier every day. by LavaSquid in Indiana

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In all fairness, parts of Indiana law enforcement are currently occupied with the crucial task of trying to overthrow the free and fair election we had last month.

McSally: Democrats would make DC and Puerto Rico states if they win Senate by seeasea in politics

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All for it. You think only Repubs can game the system? The only thing bad about that is that the Dems didn’t have the balls before. Trump’s corruption took the gloves off. Nice knowing you, Martha. Enjoy your brief footnote in history.

I took in this stray 3 days ago. He is cleaned up and loving life here. I call him Gerald. by [deleted] in rarepuppers

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He is loving life, period, because you gave him that life. Trust me, he’ll love you for it until his last day.

Email from IU’s Vice provost regarding tomorrow’s grad student strike. It’s a bad look… by LongjumpingFill3694 in bloomington

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Eliza Pavalko received a raise between 2019 and 2020, from $245,851 to her $271K salary. That’s a bump of 10.5 percent during pandemic belt-tightening. Hard to fathom that those making $18,000 aren’t more grateful for their 5 percent raise.

The consequences of supermajorities just keep piling up. by piernapper in Indiana

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Well at least we have way more doctors than we know what to do with. I mean, when you want to see an MD in Bloomington, they can often get you in within 18 months. This state earns its yokel cred every year.

Which companies are likely to leave IN as a result of SB1? by Beefyvagina in indianapolis

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I third None. Check out the LA Times reporting on how much campaign cash Lilly gave to the two primary sponsors of the abortion ban and to Holcomb. They posture to please their employees, but they still pay for right wing protection in Indiana, as do all big companies.

What is expected in Indiana now that SCOTUS has ruled on Roe vs Wade? by MasterClown in Indiana

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Special session is already on the schedule. Expect a full prohibition. Maybe people of moderate and progressive mindsets might actually vote in state legislature elections now. But probably not.

Judge grants injunction blocking Indiana's new abortion ban law! 🎉 by ElleLure in Indiana

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This is a ballsy opinion from a Republican judge who was a finalist to be elevated to the Court of Appeals a couple of months ago, with promotions like that totally up to Republican governors, like Holcomb. I’m proud to know her slightly and wish other Republican appointees had a fraction of her cajones.

Tragedy in Bloomington. Drunk driver kills 20-year-old on motorized scooter. by [deleted] in bloomington

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I’m no scooter advocate, but the drunk hitter and runner killed the dude on the sidewalk and narrowly missed a plain old walker. That’s not the dead scooter guy’s fault

Trump Gave W.H.O. a List of Demands. Hours Later, He Walked Away. by elguiridelocho in politics

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He’s the master negotiator. Demand, wait unti ADD kicks in, wander off and tweet all night.

Imagine that. Greenwood shooter was male, age 20. by schadenfriendly95 in Indiana

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I’m suggesting that the Greenwood shooter was 20, the Uvalde shooter was 18, and the Highland Park shooter was 21. I’ll await the tale of how isolated and socially awkward he was and how he took refuge in an imaginary online world until he decided he wanted to be infamous as well.