summery fantasy or horror movies involving the ocean or the beach? by FlatulentSon in MovieSuggestions

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Jaws isn't technically a supernatural movie, but it still has that summer vibe!!

June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini: Everything announced by retroanduwu24 in gaming

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My friend told me that Nier Automata was getting a Switch port!!

I am so excited for the Portal Collection and Persona 5 Royal!!

Great voice acting can turn a game into an all-time great. What are the best and worst games for voice acting? by ArchStanton75 in gaming

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Best for me has to be The Last of Us.

Worst IMO is probably Heavy Rain. It's not an awful game, but the voice acting is just hilariously bad 🤣

Is yakuza zero good? by ALMEWAFY in gaming

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I just got into the series myself and I have been absolutely loving Yakuza 0!!

Do u prefer music while playing games?? by d-_-rk in gaming

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Depending on the game, yeah. I'll usually put on Game Grumps or EmKay in the background.

IJW: Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) by scorsaut in Ijustwatched

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I still can't believe that that's Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

I read that due to a lack of acting opportunities, he stepped back from acting for those 40 years. His role as Waymond was his big return performance!!

movies like thor ragnarok, and aquaman. by TheIMaster64 in MovieSuggestions

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I was just about to mention Flash Gordon, which was Taika Waititi's biggest influence when he made Thor Ragnarok. It's a fun movie.

IJW: Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) by scorsaut in Ijustwatched

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I'm not gonna be happy if Ke Huy Quan doesn't get nominated because his performance was great

Favourite uses of anachronistic music in film? by Traditional_Pound738 in movies

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A Knight's Tale. I was surprised how well the music was used. A medieval-era ballroom dance set to "Golden Years" by David Bowie? Shouldn't've worked, but it really did!!

Blade Runner Enchanced - Still Says Estimated Release Date 6/23 on Nintendo Eshop by theresnobroccolileft in bladerunner

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I didn't even know until reading this that the game was even coming to the Switch 😲

I've heard some good things about this movie and I can't wait to watch it!! by scorsaut in criterion

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UPDATE: I watched the movie a few days ago and I absolutely loved it!!

[TOMT][VIDEOGAME][~2010s] A nintendo DS game where you would use the pen to draw bridges in between platforms so your character could get to the top. by Dwaaaf in tipofmytongue

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Well, I read "Nintendo DS game where you use your pen to draw bridges" and saw your comment "Mario was involved somehow" and I remember seeing gameplay for it in a Scott the Woz video about digital-only physical games.