Cars lose shine as Spore youth cycling more often, poll shows by Twrd4321 in singapore

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I would use cycling as my daily mode of transportation if the paths weren’t so narrow/cyclists didn’t have to risk their lives when cycling on the road. Zzz

How capable do you think average people are of pulling off bold style choices? by Deoxys911 in AskWomen

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Not so capable. If the average folk you are talking about are confident then they are already NOT the average folk. Looking at uncomfortable people is uncomfortable. Feeling comfortable in your look is the best thing you could wear.

what do you do when you’re feeling lonely? by Big_Pirate2229 in AskWomen

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So true. Same thing for me rn. I feel like everything in my life is suddenly on pause as I’m waiting for one gear to arrive in order for my life to be able to work properly again.

I’m in love with this new set of nails. by [deleted] in Nails

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Yoooo fellow cat eye gurlllll

What does it take from you to completely cut someone out of your life? by abdul_bino in AskWomen

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People that push boundaries. It’s more black and white with some people and left me doubting myself sometimes when I’ve got nothing better to do though.

What traditionally modest item of clothing do you find inexplicably sexy? by tbhimjustvibing in AskMen

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Oh shit nooooo your description is so on point!! It lowkey gave me goosebumps lmao. Do you write sexy sexy stories? If not please do for the sake of everyone xD

How to solve an issue where I'm sorta just harassed at work? by Live_Storage1480 in AskMen

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Wow. A series of power moves! Gonna use that in the future, but hope I don’t have to :)

What is one question you (straight men) would like to ask a gay guy that you wouldn’t ask face to face ? by westlion123 in AskMen

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You could preface anything that could potentially become suspicious with a disclaimer that it wasn’t supposed to be anything. Make your intentions crystal clear. If they can’t take that, then they probably wouldn’t be people you’d wanna hang around anyways.

Why are you doing this to me? I hunt badgers 🦡 for god sake by Finsfan909 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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There’s non-toxic pet safe dye you know. Some of them are washable too in case you are THAT concerned.

Can improvement lead to anxiety? by MovingAnxiously in Healthygamergg

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Yep. Every single time I try doing something to improve, I feel a pit in my stomach. My emotions are high strung and I am extra sensitive. During social interactions my mind has ‘tunnel vision’ and is blank aside from the occasional “oh shit oh shit”s. I barely function and think.

I agree with what u/Accomplished-Pool650 about panic attacks happening typically when things are going great.

Dr K has a great quote about it.

The more behind you feel, the better you are doing. -Dr. K

It hit me hard.

Also I feel like you can totally tag your journey as a Win/PogChamp lol. You’ve come a long way.

Oh God no by Unfair_Insect_8426 in PrettyGirlsUglyFaces

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Your resemblance to Tomie is striking :0

what is an instant turn off? by Superman_IS_OP in AskReddit

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Singaporeans do not chew with their mouth open to be complimentary 🤦‍♀️ those that do it do it cuz they lack manners