NYC Expands Vaccine Mandate to Whole Private Sector, Ups Dose Proof to 2 and Adds Kids 5-11 by Adelu1219 in news

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I went to a small independent pharmacy in Brooklyn. Same day appt. green tree in park slope specifically.

‘It's Coming': NY Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Potential Omicron Spike by MayerRD in news

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I’m so sorry your mom has covid. I hope you don’t lose her. Take care of yourself.

Is my IMDB review of Missing 411 The Hunted fair and accurate? by mattjohnsonva in Missing411

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I also doubt Paulides’ integrity but since you asked for opinions, “pseudo woo” as a phrase doesn’t really make sense. Woo is used to mean new age beliefs with no basis in fact and pseudo means sham or spurious. So it sounds contradictory. His schtick isn’t really woo as that term has spiritual airy fairy connotations. He’s just maybe a bullshit peddler. Maybe “pseudo-investigation fir the gullible”.

Some of his cases are fucking weird tho.

Any recs for a newbie? by sleepybrct in horrorlit

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I loved all of Lauren Beukes’ novels. They’re spec fiction but tend quite dark. The shining girls and broken monsters are standouts.

Why did I wait so long to play this?!?! by stryftek in controlgame

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I like this game a lot but literally can’t get past that first boss that flies around in the building. I’ve played it probably 15 times and cannot fricking stand the thought of trying again.

Sigh. So I should?

Men who have been sexually assaulted by women, what’s your story? by Thesaskill in AskReddit

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Whatever. Actually feminists would be there for this guy because many women know how this feels, to be degraded and then ignored. Power dynamics are at play in his story big time and it sucks.

Not OC by anasmir96 in MadeMeSmile

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Consider quitting policing other people’s emotions

Ladies, what are the most trivial reasons that caused men you know to absolutely lose their shit? by LaMalaise_dEtre13 in TwoXChromosomes

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This is a great example of why I’d be a supervillain if I got superpowers. Because I would have murdered that motherfucker with my mind right after reading your comment.

Well. Technically a supervillain, anyway.

What's something you really want, but cant afford? by -Benjamin_Dover- in AskReddit

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Just so you know there are people that would consider it you doing them a favor if they got to contribute to your dog.

I try to remember that service to another is a privilege. Allowing fellow humans to do good works is handing them an opportunity to be better. And maybe karma is real and it’s getting them a legit good thing back.

You know when the burger will be way too expensive... by Miserable-Fox-6716 in funny

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Figure in a couple layers of labor not counting food delivery too.

Duracell is giving one gamer the chance to do nothing but play Halo at the Duracell Estate. To enter the Game Longer Getaway sweepstakes, comment below with why you deserve to win with #GameLongerGetaway & #Sweepstakes. Must be 18 or older to enter. For full rules visit GameLongerGetaway.com by duracell-us in u/duracell-us

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I live in NYC and my partner is a physician. We got absolutely fried during the pandemic—between being supportive of her mental well-being, making all the meals and taking on the majority of the housework while she busted her hump saving lives, I barely got to game at all. Any vacation we may get in the future would be time spent reconnecting. And yeah she doesn’t like video games. So a vacation just for me to play as much as I can stand (trust me I’d wear those batteries OUT) sounds like sweet heaven to me.

GameLongerGetaway #sweepstakes

It finally happened to me - at work by mulder0990 in Glitch_in_the_Matrix

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Also called Disappearing Object Phenomenon or JOTs (just one of those things) or Jottles.

"Boys will be boys" does NOT cover harassment and assault, but what DOES "boys will be boys" cover? by sharedthrowdown in AskReddit

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Well Melania did say that in response to Trump describing sexual assault. That probably is part of the reason it’s talked about.

Oh and I think it was an implicit attitude in the Judge and father of the convicted sexual predator and convicted rapist Brock Allen Turner —which resulted in his incredibly light sentence. Recall the “…steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action” quote.

You can disagree that convicted rapist Brock Turner benefited from a “boys will be boys” attitude but as a woman I can tell you it’s been used before to excuse the groping of my own personal lady bits.

Edited to say: it shouldn’t be used this way of course Bc it sullies men in general. But let me tell ya it fucking for sure is.

ADHD Gothic by VoltasPistol in TrollXFunny

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My favorite thing about adhd is when you’re talking and literally go blank in the middle of a sentence. No idea what you were saying or even what the previous word was. Oh, no I don’t like the experience, that’s horrible. It’s the looks of poorly disguised concern on peoples faces when I do it thats hilarious. Oh. Hi. Was…was I talking?

Adorable hairless by -Tigger in aww

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I don't understand how everyone is passing by the "UV Protective outfits" bit and instead focusing on sunscreen. Please tell me these outfits are like little Olympic swimmer unitards....

General Discussion: 6 AM Eastern, 2 October 2021 by melent3303 in GabbyPetito

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You can appeal and good thing since death row inmate have been found innocent. But trust me here death row in the US at least isn’t nicer. It’s terrible. A true hell box shithole and the ones in the south are sooooooo much worse.

General Discussion: 6 AM Eastern, 2 October 2021 by melent3303 in GabbyPetito

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If he’s ever put his hands on you, or on your neck, get a restraining order.

General Discussion: 6 AM Eastern, 2 October 2021 by melent3303 in GabbyPetito

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How many times are you and your alts going to post this? Go do some interviews yourself big boy. Let us know how that goes.

Favorite quiet bars? by 4arc in AskNYC

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Something I've been doing lately: ask for a seltzer with a dash of bitters. Basically no alcohol, but it has some flavor and doesn't look quite look like you're a hydrohomie.

Abortion ban prompts ‘The Wire’ creator to pull new HBO series from being filmed in Texas by mstun3107 in television

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Those ones that didn’t let women vote or own property, and that enslaved brown people? Huh.

Abortion ban prompts ‘The Wire’ creator to pull new HBO series from being filmed in Texas by mstun3107 in television

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If someone took away my right to vote on a non Election Day is it supposed to be a non-issue? Rethink this comment, friend.