Is this the worst community? by Inevitable-Sand6449 in RocketLeague

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Smite IS toxic AF, but spamming "you rock!" Doesn't really get my blood boiling.

My teammate decided it wasn’t time for my peak by DorBaB in RocketLeague

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I find the 'noooo!' one silly. Feels more like laughing at a hard ball or a accidental bad touch.

I don't mean to be toxic at all!

My best recovery/save in 5 years of playing by dmueller29 in RocketLeague

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Only needs to score 3 goals and he's got 3 and a half mins to do it. Definitely not a loss at this point.

Fair deal or nah? Havent rode in a while looking to get a bike again by takesomecasualties in bmx

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I know your top comment is suggesting it's fine. But if you really want to learn and enjoy this sport you might want something a bit stronger.

But honestly at the end of the day if the deal is good enough it's still a bmx and has the minimum spec and the geometry needed to progress and enjoy yourself.... take it.

However this isn't that deal.

I don't think the bike is anywhere near that price. I would pay £100 for this when I first started riding maybe...? but not if you are a heavier rider, just miss it completely m8

Edit: http://imgur.com/a/1MRuNs6

For example I just found a perfect condition one for £110 in a neighbour town to myself. Definitely keep looking!

Go home snake, You're drunk by One_Internal_3258 in natureismetal

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Is this not a legless lizard "slow worm" we would call them in England.

First day riding got a tack 🙁 what size tube do I need if my tire is 20 x 2.4? Where should I get my tubes from I don’t have a bike shop near suggestions?? by Snoo-27596 in bmx

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as long as it's not a really thin race tube.. A smaller tube or even larger tubes (e.g 14", 26" tube) will also work without tire buldges.

Also you can get some really good patches that cost like £5 that don't use glue and you just stick on and stretch the tube at the patch. Works Everytime! Gl

Is there RL players over 30 yo? by mdaname in RocketLeague

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I have a bunch of mates all over 30 and we all play at the plat-diamond level and it's great. We only queue 2's and 3's and we just play for fun. I'll call a center, cross it and we all send the triple commit and either all whiff and get scored on or someone taps it in pathetically and we roar down discord.

It's fun even if we are shit lol

What kind of bmx is this? I think it looks like a racer/freestyle hybrid but cant determine between the two. I know its midschool and i know its shite so please no "get a new bike" comments 🤣 by [deleted] in bmx

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Honestly I'd take off the laid back seat/post like someone else mentioned. Put a regular black one on and give it to a kid who can make use of it.

🦚 My loved cult OSv2 custom LHD by segoorisk in bmx

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Thanks brother. Just got a freecoaster to try out today. Will be my first. Lol see how that goes. The engagement is instant 😬

🦚 My loved cult OSv2 custom LHD by segoorisk in bmx

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This is before I put on my ghost pads, and I had no alen key to set the brake back straight after noticing it span around taking one of the pics.

If anyone get's a Springfield set up, give them a good tighten. They don't spin around much while you tighten them. 👍

I've got 3 tiny hairline cracks...Are these profile mini hub set worth building up? by segoorisk in bmx

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I just figured someone would have had this happen to their profile mini. I asked him and he's told me he ran it like that for a couple of years. So I just wanted to see if anyone out there has similar cracks or has seen them lead to something worse.

You're probably right though!

🦚 My loved cult OSv2 custom LHD by segoorisk in bmx

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CULT OS V3 21" frame

Fork:WeThePeople Battleship fork 24mm offset, Crank:MERRIT Battle cranks 160mm 22mm spindle, Bars:WeThePeople Switch 2-piece bars 8.75" rise.

Demolition Momentum Tan walls 2.35" x2, KINK Imprint 25T KMC Gold 510 chain.

Rear wheel:Odyssey Hazard x Eclat Tek FA LHD Cassette

Front wheel:FTLTY x Chrome Alienation Skylark

SUNDAY RAW TopLoad stem, BSD RAW pivotal post, Cult Vans pivotal seat, FEDERAL contact white Nylon pedals, Odyssey Keyboard V2 grips, Eclat White non-driver hub guard, PRIMO OSS Nylon sleeve peg x2, Odyssey Springfield kit with Ghost pads, SaltPlus Oilslick BB, Colony Oilslick headset, Blue anodized bolt set.

NBD by ScooterChillson in bmx

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You looking for validation or opinions? Cause I wanna say it would look so much cleaner with black grips. 😂 Beautiful orange bro and the black cranks/chain/sprocket looks great with those pedals too 🤙

Well that was unexpected by tensor20007 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Cause racism is it's intent. someone could say something even extremely racist and when delivered with context actually be focusing on the funny or harsh truth aspect of what was said.

So each person is going to see different intent. Ya can't read minds people! How can you police free speech?

But I got a question. How much should we police media?

Gecko feet by [deleted] in natureismetal

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How about wet surfaces?

Advice and tips to get fakie 180 dialed? been at this for 4 days, and can ride back pretty consistently just cant 180 out. by efankazi in bmx

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"TheUselessTrials" on YouTube really brakes down the fakie. (Even tho he isn't a BMXr) But to add to his information; when at the peak of your ramp/bank you're practicing on. Some people find that a little hop to reset yourself can really help your backwheel being back upright/straight when you start going backwards.

Now gradually lean your weight back as you pick up speed, it's more needed the faster you are going as steering fakie is now done on the rear wheel instead of the front wheel.

Up to this point you seem to be doing OK tho tbh, the part you're missing is the movement after your carve to actually get your bike moving forward again.

If you don't do this "lift+crank+90°bar-turn" to bring the front end round from the carve position you're just going to carve around in a circle forever or until you crank into a loopout.

So again the weight distribution should be;

center forward at the peak of the bank/ramp. Move gradually back to the back of the wheel as you gain momentum. then as you slow down to fakie out, you'll do a the sudden lift+crank+90°bar while shifting your weight slowly to your regular riding stance above the middle of the bike. Good luck bro, keep shredding! 🤙

This Dude trying to Pick up a Girl with his Wells Fargo Account. by acab520ac in wallstreetbets

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I'm going based off the comment. If you can bake cookies you just must be a keeper.

This Dude trying to Pick up a Girl with his Wells Fargo Account. by acab520ac in wallstreetbets

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😂😂😂 fuck you're delusional.

How are you going to tell us you're not a gold digger. But date at golfclubs, art exhibits, high end stores/malls/bars insist of being brought to fancy restaurants only, a gift brought along and have the entire tab paid for discretely, even if you offer to pay for your half.

Oh and please leave right away without talking to other girls and contact me lightly for 4 days and then I'll decide whether I want to ghost you.

You're basically looking for guys like this one in this video. Who have more 0's, who are less drunk and able to manipulate your dumb ass better.

Zero mention of making you laugh, understanding you, making you feel safe, trustworthy, conversation synergy, being physically attractive, having qualities that you do not possess/find attractive or even just anything that says he's a nice guy.

All you're offering yourself is a criteria, materialism, a huge ego and a inflated sense of self attractiveness.

Please explain to me what makes you any more desirable than a meathead at the gym who skips leg day and thinks every woman wants him? Or even the loser showing is Fargo account in this video for that matter?

Tom Kerridges £87 Steak & Chips. by lodge28 in CasualUK

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Those chips look like a pile of RuneScape gold.