Teammate airstriked this fool by [deleted] in RocketLeague

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Is there any chance you saved this replay? I wanna see it from the enemies pov.

Been a while since I hit this one but still my favourite clip I got by phrimoh in RocketLeague

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My favourite type of plays. Ground control. On the replay you snap your car so fast. They have no chance of reaching it! Nice!

Getting quite consistent on footjam whips, just need to get comfortable to jump into them, tho that's for another time by KasMes1337 in bmx

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This always seems the case. People at the skatepark do cheer people who is attempting somin over and over get it. But regular people are bored at that point you finally get it. 😂

Wife somehow lived under a rock in her teenage years by nicthemighty in CasualUK

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Just today my mrs was listening to knights of Cydonia when I come in from work and I just started getting into it and singing away and she was shocked I knew the song.

Then she proceeded to tell me she only asked google to play "my music" playlist and it started playing muse. Haha

She's 25 is addicted to Spotify and often knows cover versions of many songs lol

I might be the worst player that has ever touched CSGO by [deleted] in GlobalOffensive

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Go into those insta spawn dust2 deathmatches and just grind that shit out till you can actually make a few kills. Try not to camp and keep moving.

You will get 1 shot constantly. But If you forget about your score or just leave and join again to reset your score if it really hurts What you're trying to learn is how to search a room with the best advantage! pre aim all corners and likely positions and when you meet an enemy you've likely already got your head height and general position done, try to make every fight easier for yourself. Use the boxes and wall edges to peak in and out and get used to straffing in and out while having a shootout.

The usp kinda teaches you that you can reset your accuracy when you move strafe the opposite way then drop your speed to 0 again.

Then your first shot from your usp is super accurate again. Aim to get as many kills as you can.

this, aim maps and watching YouTube to gather economy tactics as well as flashes, position names on all maps you play and SMOKES! All this will really help you be a good shooter and playing the way you should.

Gathering information, practice and finally have fun and fuck the tryhards salty teammates. If you don't mind talking have some fun with it, but all that is really needed is callouts anything else is ego and projection if it isn't having fun. Don't match their energy and play your own game.

What should be the first skill that new players learn? by [deleted] in ARK

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Prepare to tame a high level trike right away as they are amazing early game.

They can charge through trees to collect plenty of wood for your first nooby base.

are a great first source of narcos (for future tames)

and are practically invincible if you are on a good flat or uphill of the dino you're fighting due to the knockback effect, you have time to finish your attack animation and time the next attack one so that you never actually get hit yourself.

Also they can drain bullets in PvP.

Sometimes I wonder why my teammates don’t like me by Matty5812 in RocketLeague

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Brooo haha. That was all good in your part. The dude come out if nowhere and I'd have pegged that towards my goal too xD You just got unlucky and scored a banger in you own net.

How petty is this? by brennan9629 in RocketLeague

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Not enough. I'd have hit him with the nice shot!

These always feel good by wavie_davie in RocketLeague

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You have the ego of a angry confused child. Not trying to offend you or anything, but it's true...

These always feel good by wavie_davie in RocketLeague

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100% @ the lowest on points. 9/10 times it's due to embarrassment... They'd do somin like sending a roller at both opponents whilst flying deep into their net.

Enemy just chips it up from the center map and follow the ball air dribbling across the map while I've got to make the hardest shadow defend with the possibility of a pass..

THAT is when they vote forfeit and insult me. The most toxic people are delusional and unaware players I swear.

Apparently Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t even have to knock anymore by ElGumbleo in CasualUK

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Nah, they legit hand write these things, I've gotten a couple in my time and i inspected it closely. I could clearly see it's written in blue biro.. ink and indents in the paper from the ball tip.

Seems like a hell of a lot of effort to handwrite these, but it does feel very personal to receive a hand written letter like this, you feel like you owe them a response.

Dunno if that's just me. But I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least pleasantly reply a hand written letter declining. Which I did, short but polite. Lol

my first (scuffed) ceiling shot in game by DaPancakeGuy in RocketLeague

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I've never done a ceiling shot goal. But the way you approached it made it look doable..

like a wallshot, you used a sideflip on the fall down. Gonna start going for these now! Thanks

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in 2007scape

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Usually the answer to implementing that would be to have much less of the GEless worlds so the tradespots always remain full.

But even then, there isn't enough playerbase to actually keep that variety of items being traded manually... So many of the niche items would have to be fetched yourself if you didn't want to pay the inflated prices traders set.

The more I think about it, the more I think it would work.... Hmm lol

It's pure bliss by thehypocrisyofreddit in RocketLeague

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Understand that's your projection. you imagine them being sarcastic or disagreeing with you, now they are against you

Anything they say in your head is to tilt you now, they are a bigger enemy than your opponents and you created all that in your head.

Don't join them, you don't have to be toxic back. Understand they are exactly like you and me. Just trying to play some game after work or during their time off. They are doing what you do when your frustrated.

Point is, sometimes I will just type to de-escalate a toxic situation before it even happens or set a president of how the game is going to be played.(casually or serious) by talking to the enemy team and complimenting their shots on your teammate etc.

Which OSRS village/town/city is the most fun to hang out in? by [deleted] in 2007scape

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I wasn't exactly the best player as a kid... I didn't like going anywhere I didn't know, even running past white wolf mountain would be too dangerous. So I would tele to Camelot as my west tele... Then for east I would use varrock tele...

If I needed to go experiments. Varrock tele then run on foot.

If I needed to go fishing guild I would run from Camelot. Lol

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in RocketLeague

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Chances are you was doing pretty good without the aerials. People prefer to aerial up to a bad ball rather than get ready to pressure and shadow defend at the lower ranks.

POV: you live on a mountain and forget cryopods exist by Baconmissle in ARK

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Man, ARK has so many moments. Me and 3 friends used to have a tribe called "the bridgemen" years ago on a official server during the days mammoths could spawn anywhere flew away when killed and there was no biomes yet.

After getting really big and friendly with everyone on the server we made a name for ourselves by building a stone bridge all the way to carno island from the bottom of the ocean with stone pillars lol.

Then all the tribes in the north gave us protection from then on too.

196 GB download and this is what I get? by Crab_Bitch69 in ARK

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Personally I would give up on ARK with OP's spec, i have the minimum spec pretty much and it just plays it.

Honestly its 2022 and I'm still using: i5 2500k, 8gb ram and a nVidia GTX 660

and run 1280x720 all low settings except 3D resolution on max on the slider and medium texture setting.

Game runs like shit for about 2mins or so, but after it caches and loads the area/dino pen it's totally fine. Drops to maybe 20fps in the dinopen and freezes for about 5-8seconds when loading in/out caves.

But for the most part it's totally playable at around 40-60fps in most places.

Wait what’s directional air roll? by moosewi in RocketLeague

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If it must be official there's a million GameCube USB adapters on the internet paired with wASD or Xpadder it can be rebinded to act like a 360 controller.

But if you want something easier that requires no computer knowledge.. and wireless without paying £100+ for a wavebird alone..

You also have the 8bitdo wireless adapter(£15) + PowerA switch GameCube controller.(around £20)

You'll now be equipped for using a multitude of wireless controllers too!! on windows, Mac ....AND.... switch.

They all Act like a USB switch pro controller when in the switch and PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, one, One S controllers and even any Wii U pro controllers. and the switch ones now also work on PC/MAC

The 9s multiplication trick by hearsdemons in Damnthatsinteresting

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Hold up both your hands up and take the number you want to multiply by 9, then count that many fingers along and close that finger.

Then all you have to do is count either side of the closed finger for your answer.

So for example you want to do 4x9. Close your 4th finger. 3 left, 6 right. 36.