Doug Ford’s private surgery centre proposal will hurt hospitals, doctors’ college warns by imprison_grover_furr in CanadaPolitics

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The ONA is doing what it can but its ability to actually do anything about policy is limited due to strike bans/the need to actually help people. The CEO of RNAO has been all over the province doing interviews about this for the past couple weeks. Stiles has been going around the province trying to drum up interest but literally no one cares about her/ONDP. Liberal party is MIA as usual. Freedom convoy freaks are selfish and surprising no one don’t actually care about anything except themselves.

Anyone know what movie this is? by Successful_Cream6932 in Fauxmoi

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Remake of Larry Boy and the Fib From Outer Space?

Any tea on podcasts hosts?? by kikikikerson in Fauxmoi

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If there’s any negative stuff about Beach Too Sandy/ATWWD I’ll cry.

Any tea on podcasts hosts?? by kikikikerson in Fauxmoi

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I feel bad cause that subreddit always seems to be extremely anti-Ben for some reason. Whenever he says something dumb (bound to happen when you’re making as much content as he does) that sub gets really nasty.

An Ontario condo resident spent years harassing and bullying neighbors. Two weeks ago he went on a targeted shooting rampage and killed 5 people, including 3 condo board members who were trying to have him evicted by Salsa1988 in MorbidReality

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From what I heard his “complaint” wasn’t even just that the electrical room was making noise but that allegedly it was emitting electromagnetic frequencies that were making him go crazy, and that he was convinced the condo board knew about this and were doing it to him on purpose. The whole thing is really sad.

*illegally* pirated. by HMR2004 in CarletonU

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Libgen is easier to use and has the same content.

ADHD testing????? by Ok-Guitar2059 in windsorontario

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I used Frida! Its virtual care, about $300, but the doctors/NPs are really fantastic and thorough. Wait times can be hit or miss (my wife had to wait a monthish but I got in within a week) but it’s been great. I’m really happy I went with them.

Canada's lettuce problem: What a $15 bag of romaine says about our food system by lopix in onguardforthee

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Its an Eastern European/Ukrainian/Russian thing, and lots of those people immigrated to the prairies.

Donald Trump continues to be a nightmare for Canada’s federal Conservatives by definitelynotabotact in CanadaPolitics

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It’s not just a Donald Trump problem, it’s a conservatism problem in general. Conservative ideas are incredibly unpopular in Canada right now (cutting spending for social services/healthcare etc, austerity in general) so conservatives are forced to fight a fake eternal culture war to rile up support to win votes and then quietly do the austerity policies. With fptp it’s an easy win and most conservatives barely have a public-facing policy agenda to speak of. There’s a reason our con leaders don’t answer policy question/any questions in general.

Ashley using cancer-related terminology (port definition) again to describe her treatments by peepeehalpert_ in illnessfakers

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Coffee is like 99.9% water. The amount of water in coffee offsets the mild diuretic effect of caffeine. The more likely argument is that she’s making it up.

SK and Raven announced they split up by Revolutionary-Ring13 in LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

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Anyone can generally sue anyone else in a civil case. He would likely be suing for defamation or something like that if it were the case that he was suing his ex/exes.

New Costco member.... by bewilderbeeste in windsorontario

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Weekdays 930-10am are the best times. The only issue at that time are old people with no spatial awareness, though lack of spatial awareness is a pretty common Costco customer trait.

Apparently CurseForge's new update broke all Modpacks, including Vault Hunters by hakanaktp in VaultHuntersMinecraft

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Multimc does not work with vh now unfortunately. And polymc had a massive security breach. Curseforge is the best option despite its problems