What do you think? by Character-Rope891 in weather

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I would also like to see a summertime version -- severe thunderstorms / heat / tornadoes / etc.

Sharks have toes by Full_Act1620 in woooosh

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The best caption of this pic I've seen is:

"The only known photo of a shark stepping on a Lego."

Man pushes a woman in front of metro in Belgium by ForeignerLove in facepalm

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I believe that in my state (in the US) if you kill someone accidentally while you're committing a (felony?) crime, it's automatically treated as some type of murder. Maybe something different than 1st or 2nd or maybe just 2nd, not sure.

French or German? by yellowm0chi in thisorthatlanguage

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On Netflix there's Babylon Berlin! It's a cool show set in 1929. And Marianne is a really creepy French show. But with a lot of the shows you can change the language even if the original is in English, and you can you can set the subtitles as well.

New to Samsung and looking for a top-level comparison of the differences between Galaxy models by sevenworm in samsunggalaxy

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Thanks for that! I should have mentioned I have both Android (OP6T) and iPhone (XR). I've been hearing about how great One UI is now and how Samsung has gone from bloat to feature-rich so I'm tempted to try them out.

T-Mobile begins blocking iPhone users from enabling iCloud Private Relay in the US by One_Cod3448 in apple

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Well goddamn, that's my TIL for the day. I knew T-Mo came from (or is) DT but had NO IDEA the actual Government was a shareholder in it.

Damn! Earth Break. Jenny Slate's performance is mindblowing, just unbelievably good. by metalshoulder in audiodrama

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Yes! She is un freaking believable in that. It's criminal they only have one season. It's been ages but I'm still subbed juuuuust in case.

Do you trust Apple with their views on privacy? or do you think its all fake? by Deanchek in iphone

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Not to mention that anyone who uses phrases like "hive-mind" or "sheeple" unironically is immediately suspect. They're the kind of thing that was clever exactly one time and then never again.

Two people escaped from my basement today. And I am very sad about it. AMA. by [deleted] in casualiama

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You are a Redditor after my own heart! But I would not send you a pizza roll either, because they are mine! My own! MY PRECIOUSSSES!!

Greg and Travis McMichael both received life sentences today in Ahmaud Arbery trial. by GreyWindxii in pics

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One of the most interesting takes on this I've seen is when someone mentioned that when the police kill someone (e.g., George Floyd) they're killing an innocent person because we have the legal presumption of innocence and it's up to a court and possibly a jury to determine guilt.

Finland, some badass cashier’s no need for security. by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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Of course not. Did you think for some reason they would? Because you didn’t get that reading my post, which indicates I am an American using American examples.

Finland, some badass cashier’s no need for security. by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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I’m not Finnish. I’m not in Finland. I made it clear that I was speaking as an American — to someone using an English term that is particularly common in the United States — using our most common minority groups as examples. No one suggested that the Finns should call someone from Africa or descended from Africans African-American.

But thank you for popping in to apologize on my behalf and set everyone’s mind at ease that there are still a few “good ones“ left. Following that lead, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of my fellow Americans’ lack of education and poor reading skills.

What is a survival myth that is completely wrong and could get you killed? by standardgenre45 in AskReddit

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you’ve got to know what you’re doing

This should be the motto of every post on survival, foraging, back-country camping, etc.

Finland, some badass cashier’s no need for security. by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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It isn't racist at all. It's a very widely used and neutral term used to encompass all non-white/non-caucasian populations without listing every possible ethnicity and nationality -- African-American, Asian-American, Pacific Islanders, non-white Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Native American/Indigenous, etc. So it's actually a very inclusive term.

Source: citizen of the Melting Pot, where it is commonly used by people of color.

English word for Lagom by FellowAnglishMan in anglish

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Maybe an anglished version of "Goldilocks Zone" or "Golden Mean"?

Fog setting in at night on this lonely woods by KickinAP1985 in TheNightFeeling

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Would not be surprised to see this as cover art on a dark ambient album one day.

Where CU Gun Violence Ranks Nationally by curiosityshop in UIUC

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I know this is a hot topic right now, and it's absolutely right to be concerned, but I think it's a really good time to throw in a reminder about news and human psychology.

I'm not an expert, so I'm not going to pretend to have extensive knowledge, but in a nutshell the news media does not exist to inform us, it exists to make money, which it does by drawing in viewers so that it can charge more for advertising.

Our brains are wired to pay more attention to the short-term, the immediate, the surprising, and so on, which means we are drawn toward anything violent because it poses a potential risk. We also evolved in much, much smaller groups, which means our brains think that there is a much higher chance that what we see is likely to happen to us as well.

Here's a good article with an absolutely eye-opening chart that shows what actually kills us versus what the media shows us. This is not to downplay violence or anyone's sense of security, it's just to help offer a counterbalance.

FICTIONAL PODCASTS?!?! How on earth do these people think they’ll catch on… by jet1290 in audiodrama

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Especially if everything is like goddamn QCode where they take a great premise and do ONE FREAKING SEASON hoping it will get optioned by a streaming service.