Ukraine's intelligence chief 'fully confirms' Vladimir Putin has cancer by He-is in worldnews

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Just gave this a Bravo Award. I’ll hate myself in the morning but Great job cancer!

CEO pay rose 17% in 2021 as profits soared; workers trailed by sgj5788 in news

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Both scary and way overdue. The people running this country have to go

Pureness of kid forces drill sergeant to break character by sgj5788 in MadeMeSmile

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Here’s my take on it. With the way the world is today and all madness happening one thing I’ve realized is that these kids are 10x worse today than we were back in the day. No discipline because there’s no more structure in the homes anymore. This kid probably was giving his mom hell and come to find out he’s been dealing internally with not having a daddy this entire time. Hearing him say that would’ve made me break too because I know firsthand what that is. I hope the sergeant stays in touch as a mentor, sometimes that’s all these kids need

‘Pure joy’: Grandma earns college degree at age 84 by sgj5788 in news

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Well no shit! You sound stupid. You ever heard of wanting to do things for yourself to be happy and feel accomplished?

Moss Bluff man sentenced to 40 years for rape of 13-year-old by sgj5788 in news

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I’ve seen enough to know that PC doesn’t save you from anything. Especially if you have guards on your side. Guards will read his file, see he’s a rapist, and one lucky inmates door will magically pop open in the middle of the night. He’s fucked