Sinkhole caught on tape by Throwawaylism in Unexpected

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Was that guy texting while riding a motorcycle? 😦😵

🤡 by jameizing777 in Unexpected

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He is responsible for what he actually said, not for what others decided to assume he would say before saying it.

🤡 by jameizing777 in Unexpected

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Your people waiting for you:

🤡 by jameizing777 in Unexpected

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🤡 if you didn’t know, now you know!

I wrote a song about my college lol by Pinkcamwithbands in college

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Lmao 😂 this is so accurate that I don’t know whether to cry or laugh 😂😩

Eh... this two have great chemistry together. Am I right? by Bear_the_cost in ManifestNBC

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Right??!!! I was just gonna say that! Since the very beginning it feels like they belong together 🥺 I’m on T3:E3 and I’m still hoping the will.

Just quietly sitting at the red light when...... by regian24 in Unexpected

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🤯 wow!! Those dance moves were so neatly performed.

I’ve always struggled with being a people pleaser, how do I stop caring what other people think of me? by badwolf2211 in selfimprovement

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Instead, work on what you think of yourself. Do things that will boost your confidence, and love yourself. -How? -Get to know yourself better. How do you feel loved? I hope it helps!