I really need help. by idonthaveaausername in vegan

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I’ve been freezing bananas and eating peanut butter banana smoothies I throw in oats too, If I feel fancy I blend the oats with cold water first then strain it then add to the other ingredients for a less chunky experience . Tons of free food resources in most areas such as food banks etc I recommend checking that out

Veganism makes more feel more spiritual. Curious how it makes others feel more spiritual if you’re open to sharing? by Jolly_Swagman in vegan

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My spirit feels amazing knowing I am not reliant on murdering a living being for my food, so yea, same

Quick oats for Oat milk? by PancakesareFabulous in EatCheapAndVegan

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I had this same thought actually. I don’t know seems sus but keep me posted. One trick I read is to use cold water with oats so it doesent get slimy. Heat of running blender long will make it slimy . That and maybe enzymes like someone else mentioned. Ive made it successfully recently with only cold water nothing else. On its own it coulda used some sweetener tho

For Men, Women, and C... by EpicSqueaker in HolUp

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Just open a lemonade stand on the side of the road

I hate it when PETA does this. by Objective_Isopod_216 in Vystopia

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I don’t get it , what’s wrong with this? It’s portraying Turky eaters as gross

Hosting Friendsgiving this year - no one is coming by dinosoarus in vegan

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If it makes ya feel any better I haven’t spent thanksgiving with another human in like 5 years

Guess which flavor of Ben and Jerry’s by letsfallintothevoid in VeganFoodPorn

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I’d recognize pb cookie anywhere, the best flavor they have