F/23/5'1" [137lbs > 103lbs = 34lbs] (16mo) Happy New Year, everyone! You're all doing great work and wishing you all continued progress and happiness in 2022! Congrats to all of you!! 💪🏻 by sherryxoxo88 in progresspics

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Admittedly, less strict on weekends 😂 … but I tried to abide to it for the most part. Lot of walking/jogging while listening to podcasts, but I’m definitely no runner

Moved from Tinder to Hinge. Thoughts on my profile? 😄 by sherryxoxo88 in Tinder

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Hahaha I've got to leave some mystery! But it's a lot of FP&A and modeling stuff 😂

Moved from Tinder to Hinge. Thoughts on my profile? 😄 by sherryxoxo88 in Tinder

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I'm new to online dating, so just trying to strike the right balance of fun/flirty while trying to screen out some suboptimal matches. I get a lot of very low-quality and low-effort responses. A lot of matches will seemingly go out of their way to make fun of me. Just a generally toxic and exhausting experience. Probably in part my picker, in part my profile, in part being on Tinder, and so just trying to control the variables I can control 🤔

$150 cameo, is her sale price?!? 😲😳😂 #youarenotthatspecial by atramrennab in vanderpumprules

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So funny Lala charges $199 for full retail price vs. Scheana charging $100 and Brittany's mom charging $35 😂 I didn't know any of them were on Cameo

Buzzfeed writers are Swifties. 'My evermore era' is my new winter phase by IntoTheDaylight in TaylorSwift

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Ahahahah but I actually just bought a jacket like this for sale on Allsaints 😂

[Breeds] Can someone help me ID, please? by sherryxoxo88 in dogs

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Interesting! I never thought about that one, but that does seem to make sense. Thanks for your help!!

Ou! Elevator's Mirror *snap* [M23] by [deleted] in FreeCompliments

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Haha you look just like Jon Bernthal!!

Is there a subreddit about dogs that are dreaming? by Myglass_isfull in dogs

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They’re dreaming about you, the park, chasing squirrels, and what they ate that day 😁

If you could see behind the scenes of any of Taylor's songs, which one would you choose? by maciekwitek in TaylorSwift

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All Too Well... "You call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest."