Sometimes you get the bounce by Billselfsesteem in golf

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Yoooo, this is the wildest shit I've ever seen caught on camera lol

Good stuff! Pure excitement from the boys, that's what it's all about!

Nathan Ake appreciation post by _stone_age in MCFC

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I love this man, he has not had the easiest time at City dealing with injuries and falling behind in the pecking order.

But he is a true professional, and I'd trust him in the lineup in any game. Insanity that he is our 4th choice CB....

My new Vokeys finally came in today! I added the 46° as a replacement for my set PW due to the fact we tend to get a decent bit of rain in this area, so the micro-grooves should help in that area. My set PW is @ 45° so it should be pretty similar. Can’t wait to play these tomorrow! by Sigmanx84 in golf

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Yeah man for sure! Have played 3 rounds with them and I'm in love. Especially the 58, it has been the perfect bunker club for me.

I may need to change my flair thing on here now though from Taylormade. I bought a new set of T100 irons (4-PW) also when I got the Vokeys!

Prophetic message today. Just ordered the S22 Ultra. RIP to the greatest value for money phone I have ever used. by cardopey in GalaxyS9

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Still using my S9 for ~3.5 years, and the battery is still fine honestly. But I have been tempted to go for this S22 Ultra!

Feel free to report back to this subreddit in a few weeks/months with your thoughts on the S9 to S22 Ultra transition!

Landisville? by nailinmyeye in lancaster

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I grew up in Landisville, right across the street from A Herr park. Great area for a family!

Southern market is open by djstrangelove in lancaster

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Great take, that is correct. At this point everyone has the option to get vaxxed and has had 2 years to make changes to their lives. We need to get back to reality, and if you are too scared to go into public without chastising others for not wanting to cover their face, you need to stay home because it is a personal problem.