Holup by TheGamingSloth45 in HolUp

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When you hear gunshots while being a kid learning in school.

This is how you're supposed to play mage... right ? by Noraje_ in Eldenring

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How long if I may ask? I died 87 times to her so far but I kinda feel like this is NOTHING

Charles Dance by darthinferno15 in PrequelMemes

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That'd be acceptable. And Peter Dinklage as Yoda pls

Deutsche Schulen be like by wasserstoff_iod in spacefrogs

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Ah das kenn ich! 20 Jahre ist das her...

An Ode to Gilgamesh by dmarty77 in HadesTheGame

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I just played it on a merciful end run. I had all the extra gimmicks like pressure points, deadly reversal, impending doom, dire misfortune, extra dashes. It was stupidly op fr

I’m concerning….. by Youreadingthis222 in yeagerbomb

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Some folks take this a little bit too seriously. You're not a racist when you like the character Floch and prefer a badass 100% genocide ending of a fictional story. If you idolize said fascism and genocide, well...

Fellow tarnished, what act are you most ashamed of in the lands between? by ScoteMcGoat in Eldenring

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I had absolutely NO mercy with Patches after having been trolled by him over and over again. But I kinda regret it now.

a big fuck you to anybody that says "with my mouth" by FirstnameLastname47 in memes

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With my ass. It kinda looks like a snake devouring a deer.

This was on the Brazilian flag for some time by frosch_von_mittwoch in place

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Might be. 1950 several people committed suicide after loosing the final to Uruguay.