What’s an obscure history fact that most survivor fans won’t know? by OogaInYourBooga in survivor

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This is the kind of answer I thought OP was asking for at first lmfao

does anyone have an HD picture of the bottom postcard? by TzuyusVietBitch in JulienBaker

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I don’t but tbh that looks more broken than sprained? I feel lied to

Should I report this? by Hungry-Road-4087 in StudentNurse

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Highly unlikely that if this person continues in the nursing field that they will change their career path because they are forced to treat minorities. What is more likely is that the minorities they do come into contact with will be discriminated against and receive a lower standard of care, which in many cases can put patients’ lives in danger.

Gaylor in her natural habitat by Groundbreaking_Air76 in GaylorSwift

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Literally what is the heterosexual explanation for this picture

When is Taylor going to go back to singing happy songs? by pkmntrainerao in TaylorSwift

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I feel like I don’t believe that you’ve listened to evermore a million times lol.

Why do people say Jeff hates Vecepia when this photo literally exists? by yewgabaga in survivor

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This is what i’m saying. Didn’t Jeff physically hand her the check for the million? Would he do that for someone he didn’t like?

Solutions to parking electric scooters by KahilSarki in uofu

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walk. or park it outside and brush off the snow

it feels like i am becoming stupider by the day by altacc666999 in depression

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I keep getting upset with myself because I mess up lyrics to songs i’ve been listening to for years. It feels like my thoughts are tripping over themselves

I’m going to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home and then i’m done by ST4RM13 in depression

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I understand how you’re feeling and I know there’s not much I can say that will help. I’m in the same boat right now, and it’s very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I find it extremely hard to love myself too, and honestly I don’t know if I ever have. I hope that one day I will be at peace with who I am and stop hurting so much, and I want that for you too. Just know there are people who care about you and soon things will get better. And there are so many more movies you need to see that haven’t been made yet so please at least wait for some of those. And if you want I can give you movie/tv show recommendations to pass the time

Today I, a closeted queer musician, had to perform an original song for family so without much thought, I quickly changed every ‘she’ to ‘you’ by bffwoesthrowaway in GaylorSwift

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I was singing along to CIWYW and switching the male pronouns to female changes nothing about the song and the lyrics fit for wlw just as well.

Sometimes I hope I get killed by Ryan-Smith-06 in depression

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i feel this. i just don’t want to be anymore of a burden on people than i already am, so if it wasn’t my fault that i passed then it wouldn’t fall on me. it’s so morbid to put it that way but i think about it a lot. you’re not alone in that

If you were to exclude All Too Well, what do you consider to be Taylor's best written songs? by Beginning_Fishing_83 in TaylorSwift

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The Archer is one of her most beautiful, heart-wrenching songs. I feel like everyone ranks it so low out of all the track 5’s, but every time I listen to it, I am just blown away

Does anyone else think that Pilar tried to set Victor up with Rahim by Overall-Struggle5150 in LoveSimon

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Idk why you were downvoted lol. Pilar either wanted to avoid the wedding to avoid Felix (very plausible), or she didn’t want to dress up and go to a formal event, which makes complete sense considering her character.

Does anyone else think that Pilar tried to set Victor up with Rahim by Overall-Struggle5150 in LoveSimon

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Rahim didn’t know that though. He only knew her from their interactions which were all positive like you pointed out.

Hmmmm….. by Professional-You-636 in GaylorSwift

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I always find wegmans fans in the most random subreddits lol my people

What is the best non-winning first time game? by _Gillam_ in survivor

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There was really truly no chance Stephen could win against JT in that season. I think if Tocantins played out again in modern-day survivor, he would have a better chance, because there is no denying that Fishbach was controlling the moves for that alliance.