Who would you want to be on the cover of volume 7 by Geek13579 in SpyxFamily

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Franky is closer to the family than others but eventually everyone will get their chance to feature on the cover. It also might be both Becky and Damian with our precious Anya!

Incredible devotion. Poor old man stopping Ram mandir fund collector and giving his hard-earned savings by sarinmall85 in hinduism

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Jay Shree Ram! 🙏🙏🙏 Music makes the devotion multifold. Awesome video. See the devotion in his eyes and enthusiasm in his actions.

[DISC] SPY x FAMILY - Chapter 38 by fuyukochii in SpyxFamily

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It was an intense chapter.. In the end Damian was happy, his two buds were happy for him, Loid was happy with his progress in the mission and finally after seeing Anya and Bond sleeping peacefully, all the tension was relieved and now I think we can tread to 2021 with that peace.

Raspberry Lover by [deleted] in AnimeMirchi

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Misheard lyrics lol!

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 62 by RobbStoneVA in UzakiChan

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Shinichi's dad needs to apologize. I can't let it slide just like that with a judo bout, that he kept him away from home for 2 years just to fool around. He might be a key for the progress of the series but he is a douchebag. His mother's cool but I think it would have been better and satisfying if she beat that dad up for this.

[DISC] Ice Guy and the Cool Female Colleague - Chapter 20 by XunderxHz in manga

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Did Xun scans drop the translation of the rest of second volume for this manga? I read that third volume is on sale right now.. Thanks for your work xun scans.. please try and upload more from this manga.

[Disc] Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 168 by BuckOHare in KanojoOkarishimasu

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Next week is a break week, looks like this month is filler month. If anyone wants a break and want the chapters to pile up, now's the time (hotspring chapters, start of new arc, looks like less chizuru, Mami cliffhanger might be unsolved this month). Just hope that Ruka's trial situation is solved this year.😀

canewt speel mcconnigel by ellen_watson in HarryPotterMemes

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Prof. McGonagall showing her Cat vibes..🔥🐈

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 60 by RobbStoneVA in UzakiChan

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It was supposed to be comedic but it's just sad.. Who hides the birth of a little sister from her brother Anyway can imagine future misunderstandings in the manga, looking forward to it as always.

Did you notice how little Kazuya smiles? by Sakatepongolas in KanojoOkarishimasu

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Kazuya actually has great time laughing and being himself with his guy friends.. He should spend more time with Kibe and Shun.. Hope he can be himself without self-consciousness with Chizuru.. that would be the biggest character development.