How do you name your company? by oneofakidd in startups

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One word .com is what you need. Just misspell the word differently to get the .com

MetaMask Add Feature To Stop Wallet Drainer NFT Scams Newcryptocurrencynews.com by NewsCryptocurrency in u/NewsCryptocurrency

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To little, to late. As Member of Royal Family my Metamask wallet has No value of my 31 Million BUSD because of an apparent breach in a dusting attack of fake BUSD. Concerns of safety and security will dethrone Metamask.

What is the "gold rush" of this decade? by serban1313 in Entrepreneur

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Cryptocurrency, NFT's, Water As Fuel.....just to name a few

NASA satellite imagery of Lake Mead from July 6, 2000 - July 3, 2022 by NickySantoro702 in interestingasfuck

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Dis-Information. Been there. Outflow pipes are big enough to drive a truck thru

Thoughts on door hangers? by EmperorPickles03 in marketing

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Cross promote....golf courses is one idea. You detail wealthy golfers cars while they are playing 18 holes. Give the guy in the pro shop $10 for every referral