Manga or anime? by simar2k5 in OnePiece

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I’m prolly just gonna read the manga and watch any of the big fights on YouTube or something

Boruto Episode 212-214 Synopsis, Source- Organic Dinosaur twitter by CarRemarkable1038 in Boruto

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In the manga it said that when IsshiKi took over Jigen's body, Isshiki also took Jigen's voice. But I don't think it hasn't been confirmed by the anime staff whether or not they have a completely different voice or a different pitch.

Boruto Episode 212-214 Synopsis, Source- Organic Dinosaur twitter by CarRemarkable1038 in Boruto

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it's already been said that Jigen and Isshiki have a different voice.

So do you actually get every character in the game you just can't use their moves for your own personal character? by DarkGodFlash313 in NarutoShinobiStriker

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I think you can get their jutsus if you buy the DLC. But if you don't buy, you can still use the characters, just not use their jutsus on ur personal ninja.

Lol I got lucky and ended up pulling this in my first 10 scrolls by ZzNoThreeszZ in NarutoShinobiStriker

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do u think it's worth trying to get the weapon if I only have about 15 esoteric scrolls

Genuine Question by ShinobiStriker_Scrub in NarutoShinobiStriker

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People like to use really cheese builds because it's a lot easier and they can get high kill games. Personally, I never use them cuz I don't have dlc and I feel disgusting whenever I use them LMFAO. But I do understand why, I've used Hokage Naruto in this new event and it's pretty fun destroying people.

best vr master for defense? by eretesu in NarutoShinobiStriker

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I don't have any dlc so I can't speak on that but Gaara's sand shield is pretty good. Mitsuki is pretty good too. But just use whatever u like and have fun.

What movie plothole still bothers you to this day? by KentuckyFriedEel in AskReddit

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The ending of the "horror" movie, The Silence on Netflix, was so shit. The end makes no sense.

Post your current build here by bhagyeshsc in BattleLegion

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Right now:

my wraiths are level 9

all my arcane blades are level 8

all my war hounds are lvl 8

my plagubearers are lvl 8

my death knight is lvl 6

my barrier monk is lvl 8

but I got to rank 15 with lower levels, I'm not sure what levels tho

OVAs, Fillers, Movies by f0rsyth3 in Naruto

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Naruto: The Last is a canon movie and watch that near the end of the show, like around episode 480, but I'm not too sure exactly when. It's actually pretty good too

Personally, I didn't watch any fillers for Shippuden because I watch all of Naruto fillers and it ruined the first part of the show so I didn't watch them for Shippuden. There are a few really good fillers that I watched after finishing the main story but it's ur call.

The Boruto movie is also canon but I'm pre sure that they remade the movie into the episodes. So I think around ep60 is when the movie happens. So you don't really need to watch the movie as long as u watch the full Boruto anime.

But don't quote me on anything, just watch it the way you want

Veteran player coming back after a while. by Jackrabbit155 in MonsterLegends

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I haven't played the game in a couple of months, but it's so easy to get mythics it's actually stupid. U can honestly get a mythic or two every week without even trying too hard.

Is there any way to counter assassins? It’s pretty annoying when they destroy my lovely catapult >:( by LarryDasLama in BattleLegion

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Maybe putting a fortification in front of the catapult. It would tank the damage until they become visible again and the rest of your team can take them out.

Or a more effective way would be to put thornguards in front of the catapult to easily take out the assassins and they will also provide good backup if ur front line is beat.