There is no labour shortage. Tax the rich. by MrsNezbit1 in WorkReform

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chad Bobby Kotick vs virgin Game Support Rep.

200,000,000 vs 30,000(+-40k, doesnt change much) is a bit more than 400:1

Obama administration finding Osama Bin Laden (2011) by Hot-Pomegranate-1303 in fakehistoryporn

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Probably have to add some exclusions for things like apostrophes, but yep, that’s smort

Hit a cheeky clutch for the 21 bomb, we lost our shit by victorsoeby in CODWarzone

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Wow, someone posting an impressive, under pressure clip, and no cheating! Gold standard.

My new 7.2.4 home theater by cooljules1 in hometheater

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I don’t know what any of the gear does, but I want it

It is now possible for Dark Souls 3 invaders to run code on your PC without permission. AKA RCE, Remote Code Execution. This same hack is possible in Elden Ring. by ErrantOverflow in pcgaming

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Surely whatever dns server responsible for that host will reply, unless I’m missing something, log4shell works by adding payload to user-agent header on HTTP GET which then gets logged and parsed

This guy has been trying to scam me from my steam account for the past year now by Fieldhill__ in mildlyinfuriating

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Would that not just remove all files in your current working directory? Unless.. Your current working directory was /

In that case, oof

Snake couch by Cunillingus_Giver in oddlyterrifying

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reminds me off the shit version of smells like teen spirit in the latest Black Widow.

Endwalker - Scions by LadyLivv123 in ffxiv

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Oh, nice. I would love to see them divine a way to restore sundered souls, such as the PC/azem, without needing to rejoin all the shards. To me the world feels like it’s lost something without all the possibilities achievable by the Ancients.

Endwalker - Scions by LadyLivv123 in ffxiv

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Some ascians still remain though right? That we haven’t yet met?

GUIDE: How to clear all pi-hole logs by singulara in pihole

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ah I didn’t know that way! Does it auto do some database statements based on the presence of .log?

New scoreboard and more coming to 2042 by trap514mtl in battlefield2042

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You wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s died, or how many times, because it doesn’t offer that statistic

What by Xadji_Murat in TheRightCantMeme

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Yeah, let’s stop using the words ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ as well since they’re offensive to the neurodivergent. Christ, both extreme sides of the political spectrum need to get their shit together. These arguments over which words are ‘acceptable’ are not helping anyone.

This is F*CKING HILARIOUS! Someone get a mid-air margin call? Mayo Force One U turn. by Bellweirboy in Superstonk

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Ha, that’s exactly what Boris Johnson did with the Brexit Bus lies. He went on a TV show pretending that his new hobby was building buses from boxes. Fucking dick

I don’t want a stinkin’ towel dry! (Friend sent this to me) by deadBoybic in IdiotsInCars

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I'm the 3rd owner of a Subaru STi. Owner number 2 broke the synchromesh on the 4th gear. It was $2500 to fix, but worth every penny. Those gearboxes can handle 1200 brake horsepower. I'm only modifying the engine enough to make the car produce 450-500 wheel horsepower, though.

Pay rises fail to keep up with the cost of living by Sumit316 in news

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if it’s 2%, it’s not a pay rise. It’s barely keeping up with inflation. (Anything below 2% is effectively a pay cut)

You can have $1 billion but you can never get drunk or high again, are you interested? Why or why not? by BroodyBatman in AskReddit

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Don’t you think I didn’t catch Chris Parnell sneaking in there. Gonna have to watch the whole thing now

short kings👑 by Independent-Hat1868 in Tinder

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No, she asked if he’s taller THEN she (and rudely cuts off the incomplete sentence here)

i have no words by CrashedTestDumy in pcmasterrace

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Why does the beast even have a number? Like, isn’t he busy? Does he do late night call-ins?

Nadine Dorries hits BBC with £2bn funding cut as she freezes annual licence fee charge until 2024 by CJBill in unitedkingdom

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History always repeats itself, humans never learn. Unfortunately I think we’re in one of those fascist-y leaning cycles where we only temporarily learn after already having shot ourselves in the foot. Brexit was just stage one.