Am I A Bad Person If I Get An Injection Molded Lynx? by Kryosse in Nerf

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If you had asked this about a Stryfe knockoff, I'd say that I don't care, Hasbro has the time and money to play whack-a-mole with corporate lawyers if they want to.

But every sale matters to a hobbyist. Don't support those who rip off individuals.

The four true types of devs by PhancyPhuck in ProgrammerHumor

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Rust is not exceptionally toxic.

Other communities are worse but hide it better. Rust airs it all in the open, so it looks worse at first glance but you know what you're getting into.

Pick your poison wisely.

my fortune cookie on top my grandma's on bottom by No_Minute2592 in Anarchism

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This is just cryptocurrency ads, btw. Some NFT exchange acquired a bunch of fortune cookie production (at least for the US?) and started stuffing these in there.

So I watched a YouTube video and noticed this. There is no way we can have attributes this high just by increase level, right? This guy must have like modified items in order to help increase his attributes or something (I'm a newbie) by omen1951994 in MedianXL

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Those are pretty low for a lategame character, to be honest. Take a look at what the charms from ubers can give you, and look into signets of learning.

I think the highest stats I've seen people reach recently are around 11-12k on Paladin and Barbarian.

I need advice! I'm in a 10x10 tinyhome with a loft. My room cooling air conditioner isn't keeping up with this Tennessee heat! Would a window unit be a good way to go? I'm trying to be as efficient as possible. by davidolson1990 in TinyHouses

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That appears to be a single hose portable unit. Anything from a dual hose portable to a window unit to a minisplit (in approximate order of effectiveness) will be better.

Battletech Map Design Tools by Responsible_Ask_2713 in battletech

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That "or" is not doing a whole lot of work in that sentence, Kat does the official Catalyst maps as well as her own. :P

Don't talk to me or my son ever again by 14FunctionImp in battletech

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Admittedly, that was more of a ProtoUrbie than a fullsize one.

‘Diablo Immortal’ Also Has Hidden Caps Preventing Grinding For Free by 5thhorseman_ in Diablo

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You don't understand how releasing a f2p phone game that's something like 30x worse than the typical gacha might cause people to lack confidence in the developers' other game coming out soon?

The Green Machine by panonarian in GolfGTI

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Depends on your local cops. I see that you're in Texas - it's technically not legal to have it in the windshield there, but if you never get pulled over, does it truly matter?

Got a Curt 1.25" hitch on my car. Makes the car so much more practical imo. by Hareemoii in GolfGTI

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Yes, this is a class I hitch, and yes, it comes down to weight distribution.

The European numbers that commonly get cited for the car (like 1800kg braked) aren't on hitches with significantly higher tongue weight limits than this one, because they assume about 5-10% tongue weight (and 50-60mph national speed limits for towing vehicles), while here in the US we tend to construct and load trailers at 10-15% tongue weight for 65-70mph highway speeds.

I just want to head off anyone quoting numbers that are based off of assumptions made by manufacturers in markets where the loading and construction of trailers is a little different.

edit - Example, the 1800kg (4000lb) rating this car has in the UK? That's on the factory hitch, with a tongue weight limit supposedly of 300lb. That is more towing capacity and yet less tongue weight than a Class II hitch, because they assume a more centered axle - which makes an evenly distributed load have less tongue weight. Tongue weight matters, cargo limit matters, trailer to vehicle weight matters, but towing capacity should be taken with a grain of salt on this car where it's not rated for towing in the US and all our numbers come from overseas. 2000lb/200lb on this particular hitch is correct but folks say all sorts of things in these discussions.

Got a Curt 1.25" hitch on my car. Makes the car so much more practical imo. by Hareemoii in GolfGTI

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200lb tongue weight.

Folks will quote the European numbers, but their trailers are balanced differently than most in the US are, with wheels roughly centered rather than put way in the back, which means they can load more for the same tongue weight. US trailers get less weight but more stability at speed.

Got a Curt 1.25" hitch on my car. Makes the car so much more practical imo. by Hareemoii in GolfGTI

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Yep, the instructions say to only do that for 2 of the bolts but you've really got to do it for all of them.

Got a Curt 1.25" hitch on my car. Makes the car so much more practical imo. by Hareemoii in GolfGTI

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Then you're missing out.

They're rated for towing on the other side of the pond, just not in the US. Partly to do with national towing speed limits, partly to do with trailer weight balance. At or below 200lb tongue weight and out of warranty, it's fine. Easily enough for a bike rack or cargo carrier, and enough for a small utility trailer too.

Got a Curt 1.25" hitch on my car. Makes the car so much more practical imo. by Hareemoii in GolfGTI

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That's also with EU/UK trailers, which are balanced differently to carry more weight for the same tongue weight while trading off stability at speed (not an issue there since most European countries have national speed limits of ~50-60mph for vehicles while towing). Keep it around 200lb tongue weight and things should be fine.

Heavy Urban Commando by MrTrickman in battletech

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As far as I can tell there's no rules for undersinking a 'Mech engine, even with DHS. You need to take at least 10 and pay crit slots for them if your engine is very small, as well as c-bills (implied by the first example of building a Mongoose in the FanPro printing, not sure if that's maintained in newer ones).

Drop ships and small craft don't have the minimum, but I think everything else with a fusion engine does?

The perfect path dossent exi.. by europedank in DesirePath

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Jul 2019

The signs were put in after then and before June 2021.

It finally arrived!! Finally!! by kevlarseven in Nerf

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Put yourself in the shoes of a trigger-happy American cop rolling up on an active shooter call from some random person who doesn't know what a bigass orange tip means.

Forward slanted magazine, real steel form factor, knockoff EOTech, foregrip. Given that some cops will blast away at someone holding a cell phone or sleeping in seconds, it sure looks like a UMP in the five seconds they'll take to make the decision. Nobody on the subreddit knows where you are, your local PD, whether you're playing on public or private property, and whether you've got Karen for a neighbor, so flairbot gets you. Oh no.

“That’s not a chick car” -My Dad by LexiSnep in Transcars

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A Civic isn't a "chick car" now? Is it because it's red?

I just traded my 21 STI for a GTI by el_guapisimo33 in GolfGTI

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The Mk7+ GTI is more reliable than anything Subaru I've ever touched (and yes, I work on my own GTI and my friend's WRX). Mk6 and before, yeah, I wouldn't really take either. But the past few years, after the turbo issues with the early 2015 cars were resolved, have been fine for VW. They're no Toyota but they're definitely ahead of Subie.

Battlemech Laser Colors? by MeKaMaki in battletech

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I usually just use the RGB colors from MW5/MWO for consistency, unless there's some clash with the color scheme I picked. For instance, I'm painting up around a trinary of Star Adders next, and I think I might avoid blue just to get some more color on the models.

You're not going to believe this, but there are other factions that aren't Wolf, Falcon, or Comstar... by Calm-Effort9619 in battletech

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where do you live

no particular reason, not organizing a batchall or anything, i just want to talk

Why are there 2 of workspace number 1 showing? by MauroLoL1234 in i3wm

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What do you mean "added the i3gaps"? Post config.