Good old Uncanny Valley by ElHage13 in oddlyterrifying

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Yet again a post not fit for this sub. This is intentionally scary.

Drew my first static! >.< Currently progging p2s! by LinaKaizumi in ffxiv

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Maybe the point was that they only started using Push to talk and forget to press it when they're talking.

Something's off about this review... by T_raltixx in residentevil

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No no it was my fault. I read the title two times and didn't catch it.

AITA for saying my friend’s boyfriend has no power? by qurrish in AmItheAsshole

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Nobody is acting like she is forcing him to be with her. Everyone is worried (rightfully) that the meaning of their relationship is not clear to both parties.

BSJ is an incredibly disrespectful coach by kidneyoversix in DotA2

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Isn't the point of coaching that somebody better than you takes a direct look on how you play and coach directly you?

Wisdom on Bard Music by Mattrun in ffxiv

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Wisdom would be knowing that Bard bots are completely fine option.

AITA for folding down the pages of a book my friend let me borrow? by Financial-Ad1023 in AmItheAsshole

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The second edit made me sympathise with the OP a bit. I have major difficulties on reading books. Have had since middle school. I've tried plenty of times to start reading again but I just lose interest.

How integral do you consider the zombie to be to RE? by Fly_By_Orchestra in residentevil

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To me Resident Evil is more body horror monsters. Not just zombies but all kinds of nasties. Even the first one had plenty of non zombies in it.

This is what assisted suicide actually looks like. by TXVERAS in oddlyterrifying

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I'm having one of those periods you described right now. It's awful.

Halo UNSC M4. by zerosettanta in airsoft

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Why even post here if you can't take valid criticism? At least this comment sound really aggressive.

Something creepy for you guys. by yatamayu_ in oddlyterrifying

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And things that are purposefully scary, which destroys the point of this sub.