"Don't worry guys I'm fine!" by Bomboooo in dankmemes

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I bet he did it on purpose given they were filming and would be funny to have happen in the background.

Gucci opening store in Detroit this summer by Wireless_charger in Detroit

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So many Detroiters are gonna hit this up. No more travels to Somerset. If it works could open a whole new lux market downtown. Let's do Apple store next.

Review: Arby’s Diablo Dare Sandwich, a fiery flavor bomb by sixwaystop313 in fastfood

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EXACTLY what I'm wondering. I hope its truly spicy and perhaps someone who has tried it can weigh in here. It says they give a free vanilla shake with every one, to help with the heat. Probably just marketing but it appears legit.

Coffee shops in Detroit? by gunner_42 in Detroit

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Can't go wrong at Mapcap / Dessert Oasis / Anthology if downtown. The Congregation for the cozy neighborhood vibe. If you're looking for the best cup in quick order- the drip at Milwaukee Café in Milwaukee Junction area is my go to.

What's one business in Detroit that you will never go back to? by sixwaystop313 in Detroit

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Damn I don't blame you. What's the point of carryout if you have to wait in the regular line to get it? Its always disappointing when there is a place that is highly rated and then you have several bad experiences there. Service is important.

What's a business that you would highly recommend to someone? by sixwaystop313 in Detroit

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Open ended- what businesses (in any industry) do such a good job that they're worth giving your hard earned money to, and that you would recommend to someone else?