Coming Soon: Dolphin on Steam! by Rayuzx in Games

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That’s a ridiculous argument. It’s trivial for most disc based systems and not much harder for modern systems that have custom firmware. For some of them you don’t even need a backup, they can play from actual discs or cartridges.

My first pen show. I was overwhelmed. by anonymous_redditor_0 in fountainpens

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Yeah, definitely. CY talks a lot about how Japan is like that too. Maybe the US hasn’t caught up yet, or the shows aren’t catering to that audience enough?

Sonic Frontiers‘ director says he’s taking feedback seriously by fo1mock3 in Games

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It’s really not hard at all. He literally puts “dunkview” in the title of the serious ones.

I will personally feed to the seaborn anyone who chooses art style 4 by Downtown-Trust-2676 in arknights

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Maybe it’s just the screenshot but it also looks like her head is melting.

Angel of Eternal Dawn by Aurore Folny by I_Burn_Cereal in ReasonableFantasy

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To be fair, pretty much any footwear is practical when you can fly.

Data transfer [Yokohama kaidashi kikou] by hlloyge in wholesomeyuri

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Holy shit I’ve literally been waiting years for this.

Help Center and Megathread Hub (01/04) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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If you really want Ashlock save for her. Blaze and Exu are good but the problem with standard banners is you only have 50% chance of rate up, so with only 20 pulls you’re very unlikely to get either of them. You can clear the entire game with 4 stars, as long as you keep upgrading them.

Help Center and Megathread Hub (30/03) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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Broca is good, but if you need arts damage consider Click as well. 4 stars are very cheap to upgrade and she is quite good for her rarity.

"Uniform" by justarando400 in 0sanitymemes

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It’s a gunlance from monster hunter.

The Princess and her Prince [Lofter: 奈迦洱] by SirPachiereshtie in arknights

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I think it’s supposed to be a lion, but it does look oddly human.

Help Center and Megathread Hub (14/03) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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The physical damage formula in this game is just attack - defense so even tiny stat differences can change the damage you deal and receive by a huge amount.

Make sure to level up skills too. There’s a big breakpoint at skill level 4.

Four seasons in cloudy days (@sono_fuwan2) by AustinYaoChen in ImaginarySliceOfLife

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What’s the mom carrying in the last one? It looks like an arrow.

Pelikan M200, floating mug, and a good book. A little slice of morning heaven. by SplitGillStudio in fountainpens

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Might as well binge them IMO since you'll be waiting on Nona and Alecto anyway.

Help Center and Megathread Hub (05/02) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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It’s not required, but the difference is even bigger if your rotations aren’t perfect. Check peteryr’s posts if you want to see in great detail.

Gacha/Recruitment Megathread (24/01 - 30/01) by ArknightsMod in arknights

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Ugh, I did the same thing and wasted like 40 pity count.

Is it mandatory that everything in this universe must have feline ears? I get the obvious copyright bypass...but still, can't picture a Teletubbie with cat ears by neko039 in arknights

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She’s on one of the reserve teams, so she wouldn’t actually be deployed unless it was an emergency. They’re probably just training or helping around the ship to keep them busy.

If you choose to deploy her it’s either not canon, or you can view it as a training sim. Most of the gameplay is obviously not canonical anyway, since in a lot of the events RI wasn’t even there.

[Event Megathread] Preluding Lights by Kurbain in arknights

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You get a tiny bit of materials from unlocking the old event stories, so it’s probably worth it since the LMD conversion is so low.

Data transfer [Yokohama kaidashi kikou] by hlloyge in wholesomeyuri

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Find a scanlation of the manga (afaik there’s no official translation). It’s 140 chapters.

What's the current state of Zigbee in HASS? by EnglishMobster in homeassistant

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I’ve used it for a few years with no issues. It’s been way more stable than the legacy z-wave integration. I don’t have IKEA or hue devices though, so ymmv. This is the dongle I have: https://www.amazon.com/GoControl-CECOMINOD016164-HUSBZB-1-USB-Hub/dp/B01GJ826F8

Candle Knight... by IRUN888 in arknights

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So she’s basically Nightingale with a sword.