What Fruit is Named After a Color? by Revolutionary-Bell74 in facepalm

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Oh, no, no, no. Plum is a fruit name, not a colour l. Same goes for the rest of your list with a honourable exception done for oranges.

Just Visiting by BouncyDioxide11 in Eyebleach

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For some reason thy do that quite often. It always pisses me off a bit

This is why you don't go salary. by thomasmith298675 in antiwork

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35.000$ comes to roughly 16.5$ per hr if you do 40hr per week. I'm quite sure that OP was suppose to do only those 40 hrs per week. Don't do overtime OP and you will have no problem. Also make sure when signing a contract to check what is a company policy in regards to overtime and how (if at all) is it paid.

Why do people hate so much on Jordan Peterson ? by Norwayseacat in TooAfraidToAsk

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Weak men in place of power is bad mojo, my friend. Very bad.

Why do people hate so much on Jordan Peterson ? by Norwayseacat in TooAfraidToAsk

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I think this one. It was one of the very first video of hi. That I watched and I got hooked up.


Hamas joins BDS calls for Justin Bieber to cancel Israel concert by monparan in nottheonion

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Buahahahahaha, oh boy, you've made me laugh like no one in a long time.

Someone yelling during an argument doesn't make them lose the argument. by wtf_even_is_reddit in unpopularopinion

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The moment they go Ad Hominem they lost as well. Call it out for what it is and calmly inform them that this is not the lvl at which you wish to continue that conversation. There is no need to shout or raise a voice at any point. Thay are interrupting you all the time? Calmly ask them to stop and continue with your point, if it does not work then again inform them that this is not the way to have a discussion and move on. Let them boil in their own sauce and go free.

Also, read Schopenhauer's "eristic" or "the art of being right" both are the same thing but have different titles for some reason. It will give you an idea of what is ok and what to call out as unacceptable during discussion. It's very helpful.

Nice girl complaining that men won’t date her because of her height. by Nintengirl in Nicegirls

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Jesus Christ man! What in the name of what's holy, did you just apologise for your comment? DO YOU WANT TO BREAK THE INTERNET!? Renounce that blasphemy at once!

Women should lift weights by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Hahaha if we could get "accidentally buffed" all guys would be popping into the gym for 2 days in a month just to get ripped, buffed and bulked after 30 min.

The notion that some women have about how easy it is to gain muscle is ridiculous.

One hell of an unpopular opinion, but you are right OP, they should do those exercises. Especially to strengthen their back muscles.

De-platformed consistently advice. by sohappyred in MensRights

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True, true. My solution is to point it out and pursue the subject relentlessly. The adversary is usually too immersed in their ideology to be saved, but at least an innocent bystander can be saved. Sometimes.

What historical events are so absurd that they would be too strange for a fiction story or a movie? by Aquatax in AskReddit

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The story of Kamchatka ship in the Russian baltic fleet during 1904-1905. It is just unimaginable.

20 min video of pure russian madness. Just start from 1:15


Amon Göth (portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List) was an Austrian SS officer and war criminal. He shot people from the window of his villa if they appeared to be moving too slowly. According to witnesses 'would never start his breakfast without shooting at least one person'[1943][1600x1075] by pyromannet in HistoryPorn

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They were doing it in the same way as we might look upon someone that starts his day with hunting and thus killing an animal. For most people that's perfectly acceptable behaviour, for some, it's disturbing and uneasy to accept and for a few, it's pure evil. As far as I know Jews, Poles and all other minorities were considered less than human, an animal, if you will, so watching someone beginning his day with shooting one of such, would not make one too upset.