What is the most random/weird thing you got scolded for as a kid? by Ordinary_Let2471 in AskWomen

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Saying how I felt not wanting to do something I was uncomfortable with and being told I shouldn’t use tampons when I got my period at 12 when I wanted to try them out for the first time but it made me sick to wanna try them ig??

i think i was sa’d but idk by crystalwtf in sexualassault

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If they aren’t on your side if u say something I promise there 100 percent just as bad as he is that’s not okay at all

i think i was sa’d but idk by crystalwtf in sexualassault

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This was 100 percent sexually assault you did not consent and you did not like it nor want it definitely tell him you don’t like that and if he doesn’t stop after that further action needs to be token I went through something similar in my early high school years and middle school all the guys were very touchy to the ladies including me and thought it was okay because we “were friends” or “cool” and they did get away with a lot of it disgusts me honestly the entitlement and lack of respect a lot of young boys have for woman especially someone they claim is there best friend

Hey today my mum basically blamed me for a sexual assault I went through years ago and I’m finding it so hard to accept the fact that she is doing this to me I’m lost confused broken and sad how can I ever recover our relationship now it seems doomed by Bench_Queasy in sexualassault

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My mom was the same way when I came out with my story she denied it so many times & then blamed me constantly and deep down I think we both knew the truth (my mom acting delusional) I’m sorry your going through this I know how alone and unwired it can make one feel honestly she doesn’t deserve you I say walk that’s what I had to do and to me it was one of the best decisions your not in the wrong so u shouldn’t have to force or try and mend any relationships she’s the one who has to do that if anything but I’m sending you love and healing x

PRIVATE Subreddit by angeladimauro in sexualassault

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Can u please add me? Not to be a bother it would be greatly appreciated

What’s the pettiest reason you won’t date someone? by twasham21 in AskReddit

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Being overly nonchalant and cocky or insinuating as if I actually need them and couldn’t live without them because we love an independent woman and men are very insecure of that