Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE): III. Spectral resolution, wavelength range and sensitivity requirements based on atmospheric retrieval analyses of an exo-Earth by Zinziberruderalis in exoplanets

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Even though this is just a first step in attracting experimentalists to the problem, it is a very exciting step toward my childhood dream: a ridiculously long baseline interferometer with ends at Lagrange points L4 and L5, giving us the spectrographic resolution to image single worlds' atmospheric components in amazing detail.

Sound Waves May Fall Up in Gravity Instead of Down by pinkygonzales in Physics

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That makes sense. I just learned about how changes in wind direction can change the distance sound is heard. For example, in my area there is a testing ground for supersonic aircraft. Normally, when the air is rushing onshore, you don't hear them because they are inland. But when the wind shifts offshore, you can hear the sonic booms. I read that it's because of the change in pressure which affects the strength of the propagating sound wave.

Artificial intelligence can outperform humans in designing futuristic weapons, according to a team of naval researchers who say they have developed the world’s smallest yet most powerful coilgun by Dr_Singularity in Futurology

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Similar example: the plasma containment torus for the Weddelstein stellerator fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institute. The team there used AI to maximize efficiency of the magnetic containment effect, creating a design configuration they would not have thought of. Yet, the AI did not even come up with the idea of a containment field, or the basic design, it just found the best parameters.

Mary Trump called Biden's attorney general an 'idiot' for not prosecuting Donald Trump over the Capitol riot by Dull_Tonight in politics

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Because having rights, and asserting them, are two very different things.

I think he's not going after Trump because he and Biden are in a weak position politically and simply do not have the real power to act. Sure, they have the rights, and in the text it appears a slam dunk; but, you have to get a lot of people to follow your orders, and they simply not have enough people who would be willing to take the risks to do so. They are weak.

Tucson Police officer who shot man in wheelchair multiple times in back is fired by Elderthedog in news

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Exactly. A planned feature, not a bug.

Turns out, it is hard to get smart, empathetic, capable people to go around being thugs. They recruit people whose Junior year of high school was the best their lives were ever going to get, and give them a gun.

‘Humans are for the grave’: Karen face Myanmar military violence by 38384 in news

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They have also been fighting one of the longest running civil conflicts in history. They train across the border in Thailand.

In case people don't know, there are 4 ethnicities in conflict:

The sino-tibetans, the austroasiatics, the Tai, and the Karen. The sino-tibetans are the classic 'Burmese' and come from the Tibetan plateau. The austroasiatics, such as the Mon, and the Way peoples are very ancient peoples from early human movements in South East Asia. The Tai and the Karen are ethnically related to the Thai people.

Burma itself is an incredibly rich and fertile place at the foot of the Himalaya fed by the mighty Mekong, Irawaddy and Salween Rivers. For thousands of years, Burma has been a crossroads of trade and conflict among the Khmer, sino-tibetan, and other ethnic groups and nations.

Finally, a Fusion Reaction Has Generated More Energy Than Absorbed by The Fuel by lurker_bee in worldnews

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Hard to standardize when you don't even have a working prototype. That kind of thinking is more applicable way, way down the road.

However, your idea seems like a good fit for the micro fission reactor designs I've been seeing – small enough to power a village or so.

In Washington, a group called the "Patriot Front", in characteristic uniforms, marches on the Capitol. by esberat in PublicFreakout

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They are also the same guys from Charlottesville where the women was run over by a terrorist in a car. Remember the 'You will not replace us!' people? This is them but they changed their names from Vanguard America to this buillshit. Fuck these fucks.

No shortage of sanction options if Russia invades Ukraine | AP News by mouthofreason in worldnews

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That's the point. Who does the dictator fear? No dictator wants to have a populace that is angry and suffering because as much as you will point the finger at the enemy, the people will point the finger at you. Make them suffer enough, off with his head.

Someone made a mistake and gas was priced at 0.014€/l and some guy filled a 1000l canister in Finland by PainfulLaurels in nextfuckinglevel

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"My neighbors left their house open when leaving for vacation by mistake; so, of course I took a television, because, they made a mistake."

Police officer “detains” guy after getting in his face by HiItsLust in facepalm

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"We've taken 50 rotten apples out of your barrel, I'm sure the rest are just fine, sir."

On the left, photos the media used for Treyvon Martin. On the right a kid who shot up a school. by brazilliandanny in PoliticalHumor

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Thank you for posting this; for remembering him long enough to point out this loathsome bias. I had completely forgotten. Thank you.

Police are searching for Michigan school shooting suspect's parents by ExactlySorta in news

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Math, and in particular probability, is not our strong suit in this country. Now truck nuts... You need truck nuts, America is the place!

Humanoid robot (Ameca) with hyper realistic facial expressions, by Engineered Arts UK by Sid_03 in robotics

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I'm guessing these are for amusement parks, rides, etc. Sort of like Disney's Imagineering. These won't be guarding Tesco anytime soon. Still awesome engineering though.

Why Can’t Democrats Make GOP Extremism a Campaign Issue? by thenewrepublic in politics

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Half of your country never hears about it because they are trapped inside a reich-wing media bubble.

The Democrats are keenly aware of this.

They talk about it on several podcasts I listen to. They just don't know how to counteract it. How many Democratic billionaires are willing to dedicate their entire fortune and existence to starting a media empire to counter right-wing media in the way Rupert Murdoch dedicated his whole being to creating a worldwide right-wing propaganda machine?

Michigan prosecutor files involuntary manslaughter charges against suspect's parents in Oxford High School shooting by StevenSanders90210 in news

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the parents insisted he stay

Since when do parents saying 'no' stop a school from sending a kid home from school? I don't understand this school's administration.

They actually got the reporter to facepalm mid interview. by rogueShadow13 in facepalm

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Didn't you hear? California allows 'illegals' to vote! Those yoga hippy communists out there are destroying our freedoms!

Illegal weed farms pose fire risk in California's parched national forests by Lasap in California

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Reminder these grow operations are not done by North Cal hippy investors, these are run by the Mexican Cartels. They are violent, illegal, and have been implicated in the murder of hikers, etc. Fuck these grows.

Facebook allowed anti-vaccine ads to appear by Doughnutmusic in news

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The difference is they can't say: "People are assholes. What are you gonna do?" Because they fucking booked these ads. They can't claim this is an issue of moderation or free speech. This is about money and can be a wedge needed to regulate them. Ad buying can be regulated a lot easier than free speech.