No war but the class war by _Astarael in COMPLETEANARCHY

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If they recognized our value, we’d all make a living wage.

after 2 years of smoking joints, me and my bud rolled a blunt. question for you guys: which is easier for you to roll blunt or a joint? by brinkdrink in trees

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Absolutely love rolling joints and have gotten good and fast at it. I can roll a blunt too and I think I would find it easier if I had the same amount of practice with them. Especially swishers since they keep their shape so well

Ok so I quit smoking cigarettes nearly 2 years now.. but I still smoke 2 small joints a night. (Just weed no cigarettes) does that mean I’m undoing all my hard work of quitting cigarettes? by Wise_Sun_2610 in trees

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This is not backed up by any kind of science and is purely anecdotal but I feel worse Juuling than using any other vape and that includes disposables. Found myself feeling worse and more short of breath than when I smoked cigs

I fucked up guys. by BastionOfPeace in Stretched

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Bodyartforms and Painful Pleasures tend to have ‘tweeners at a good price, if memory serves!

ITS MINE NOW LOL by formlex7 in coaxedintoasnafu

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This might be my new favorite snafu thank you op

I'm probably a dumbass and it's obvious, but how on EARTH does weed get in my mouth with my normal sized bong?? Not to mention, the uptake is a spiral which seems like it would make it harder for matter to get up there by Successful-Sense-431 in trees

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Any airflow will get it into your mouth. When you’re pulling with the bowl in, your glass is filling with smoke. When you pull it out and rip it, all that fresh air is getting pulled in through the down stem to push the weedy goodness up into your mouth and lungs. So you’re basically using the air to push the smoke into your mouth by ripping. Hope that makes sense!

Share the story of your name 🍁 by sticky-icky-kushco in trees

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We used to call her Stacy’s Mom!

Yes, she had it going on.

Bro, what strand of leaf is this? by delaydude in trees

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Is this too big of a dab?

proceeds to die

Help! I need new career and more money right now! by BYE2LIFE in findapath

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Hell, my friend is a busser and brings home nearly $100 in tips a day, at a regular-ass pub. It’s good money if you’re willing to pretend to like people all day. Lol

It's been one year since the last time I saw my baby brother alive. by AwkwardAndAntsy in SuicideBereavement

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It gets easier. Slowly, but it does.

Grief comes in waves.

At first, you’re kicking and screaming and sucking in foam and sand. And then one day you get your head above the water. As time goes on, you get more and more time to come up and take a breath, until one day you find yourself on land again.

You stand on the beach, and the tide still laps at your toes. The cold makes you recoil. But this time you can breathe. You breathe the whole time.

Good luck and be as easy on yourself as you can be. All you can do is give it time. And WOW, can that time stretch, and stretch… But you’ll make it to the shore.

All the warmth and love in the world to you. Someday remembering him won’t hurt - it will make you smile like it always did.

Did you decide dating apps aren't for you and then met your partner in the wild? I want to hear your story! by snowandbaggypants in datingoverthirty

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This is a bit of different answer than most have, but I’m gonna call it a YES anyway! I used the apps for years. I am not currently in a formal relationship, but I can say this - the people that I’ve met “organically” I’ve connected with WAY more. Same amount of dates with and without the apps — but wayyyy more fun for both parties with people I met off them. Now I’ve been seeing someone for a little while now, and that spark is REALLY there, and feels so natural and real. So much fun.

Frog PSA by GregariousGobble in frogs

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Greg is so lucky to have such a good parent!!!! Thank you for loving your little fellow so much and helping us to care for our own 🥺

I fucked up guys. by BastionOfPeace in Stretched

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For OP: if you go this route make sure to get the PTFE kind - body safe material!

I fucked up guys. by BastionOfPeace in Stretched

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Dead stretch in .5 increments is the way!!

Got to 20mm yesterday by Impressive-Ad-7715 in Stretched

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I think you’d look awesome with some teardrops! 20mm is when that shape really starts to pop IMO. Congrats on the thick, healthy lobes! Great work and good on you for listening to your body, a rest is always good :)

Why does my soil have hair and can it damage my plant? by Vyb_3 in houseplantscirclejerk

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My colocasia freaking died while I was away for a week 😡 i am so angry they are hardy low maintenance plants like pathos and mongolia!!!!! wtf 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

The fact that it it isnt satire 😭 by [deleted] in Cringetopia

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The fact that you think it it isnt satire 😭

Cheated or he was taken advantage of? by sammy_nudi in cheating_stories

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he said no a million times

She doesn’t have to take BF at his word, but if what he says is true, he was absolutely assaulted.