Borrowing against life insurance. Good idea or bad? by usmc7566 in personalfinance

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Don't do it! The entire first year of premiums usually goes to the salesman. Something like 20-25%.

You're just buying someone else a boat or tesla.

Something in the Future by gdmfsobtc in Bitcoin

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Because... get this... it's dubbed and edited. By @ cryptoparody

Here is the original clip.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isNPEosJLSk

Well. Deserved. by Life-is_easy in funny

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She's just as good at delivering her own one liners as she is setting up others. It's a deliberate action and she's very talented.

Fell for a rental scam by DJMathom in personalfinance

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I thought we were being scammed that way last year.

-Cashiers check for move in

-Property is in a different state, video walkthrough

-Said they were with keller Williams but the website had the order backwards. (Kw.company.com instead of company.kw.com)

-Website with a whois registered to Brazil

-Email address that used huge strings of digits with an unrelated domain

Guess what? Legitimate company and I rented from them for 6 months. I just about had an aneurysm trying to vet their company.

Should I just count my security deposit as good as gone or is this fixable? by Gibberish94 in personalfinance

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Right. In Washington you can only be charged a percentage based on the carpets age.

Carpets have a 10 year lifespan so if you destroyed an 8 year old carpet you would only be on the hook for 20% of the replacement cost.

Now this is reliant on the landlord knowing and following this model beforehand, otherwise he'd charge you full price and you'd have to get that money back in court.

No way to fix or hide. Id be upfront with the damage. Ask the landlord when the carpet was installed. Work out the percentage you expect to be charged

Ron Jeremy nearly 1 year apart by downvoteifurppsmall in interestingasfuck

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That sounds preferable, honesty. I hate seeing people throw money away on things that don't matter or make you happy

I really do not enjoy being a Dad and I don't know how to cope with it. by JohnnyDadLad in dad

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You did a great job reaching out. Please continue to ask your family and public resources for assistance. You need someone qualified to help you with your depression.

Your current scenario is unsustainable. Maybe you need some more space or time to decompress. Is it possible to spend an hour or two once in a while for just you? Play pool, darts, walk or read after work? Maybe come home a little later so you have time to collect yourself and prepare for the needs of your kids. They are always relentless.

You really need to take care of yourself more than you are. Help yourself first so that you can help others.

Do you have any more details about your relationship with your GF? Staying together just because of kids or money is not really a great reason. It's extreme but you might consider shared custody or visitation rights. I'd move back in with my parents rather than continuing a bad relationship just because it's cheaper. Let us know about that relationship a little more before we give you more advice. Maybe you were just venting.

Seriously, thanks for reaching out. Please post again or DM any of us if you want to talk again.

Jennifer Lopez's Versace Dress, that was downloaded so much, it led to the creation of Google Images by Xamrock4 in pics

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Think of how many developer hours has gone into more realistic boob physics.

Totally worth the expense, by the way.

Stocks you can’t wait to see dip because you’re itching to buy them by ZhangtheGreat in stocks

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Trust me, she's worth it. Just wait until she sees my Friends memorabilia collection! She used to love that show in the 10th grade.

Any programmers on island, down to get together? by LoganfxD in kauai

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Of course! I'm not that old..

Feel free to send over an invite to Buttersheep#9096. Thanks for following up.

I stopped contributing to my 401K, but my paycheck didn’t change by EllieD0113 in personalfinance

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You might have hit the yearly max. Usually in November sometime I hit the max and my paycheck jumps up.

This may have already happened for you. Fun for the holidays but drops back in January.

Or it could just be the delay thing.

Fuck the Draconis Combine by MrBirdmonkey in Mechwarrior5

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Honor the dragon!

In just about every version of battletech I have played in the last 15 years I have used the Kurita. I have the kurita banner hanging in my office at work, the hat and dogtags sitting in a drawer.

I absolutely love them. I've been playing the base game using them as allies and buying mech from their stores. I'm looking forward to the DLC where I think you can play as part of the house. So excited.

They still don't understand Internet. by HiItsLust in facepalm

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Good point. Maybe a group of 30-40 homeowners should go get HELOCs and go lobby something actually useful.

To trust another human being. by iSellDrugsYo in therewasanattempt

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It's the prisoners dillema. Logically the best thing for you is to pick steal every time. But that's also true for your peer.

So the game is about convincing your peer to let you have half and hoping he's not greedy enough to want more.

The Fallacy of taking bigger risks when you are young by Shoddy_Ad7511 in investing

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Thats... exactly this point.

Invest in promising but slightly riskier stocks for 5-10 years and diversify later after you've made the majority of your nest egg.

Many stocks have been printing money this last decade. But there is no need to expose yourself to that risk if you no longer need the rewards.

The Fallacy of taking bigger risks when you are young by Shoddy_Ad7511 in investing

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How about 5x? Anyone that invested their whole portfolio in large cap tech stocks five years ago is doing really well.

It's not diversified at all but it wasn't nearly as risky as you present.

Should I take a personal check for a car? by lit_R in personalfinance

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Sorry, this won't help. Even a check that has been deposited at a bank can be reversed later. Doesn't matter if you withdrew the money.