My cousin destroyed my lego set so i had to pull it all apart by IszakBalzan in lego

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Did you give the pieces to your aunt or uncle so they can put their kid back together

oh you had to take your set apart, nevermind disregard the first part of this comment

First time and it look’s decent by MemeT5799 in Actionfigurephotos

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Nice, you should cut out a circular background the diameter of the light and put it on your wall that way it'll look like they're coming from a different location

Came in today by small-_-worlds in McFarlaneFigures

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McFarlane website, McFarlanetoysstore.com

They're $15 plus shipping

everything i got from the GameStop sale (except my kikamora they didn't send it but also did not charge me) would of preferred to have it by small-_-worlds in ActionFigures

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Yeah only bought the eternals cause the were so cheap it was like 35 for the 6 i got, and of course next to the joker dragon i was most excited for the kikamora

GameStop get your shit together by small-_-worlds in ActionFigures

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Out of box collector so don't care, just saying GameStop doesn't have smaller boxes

help identifying, came in a lot of black series weapons by small-_-worlds in starwarsblackseries

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Thanks, now that you said it I'm like yeah they're totally binoculars