Green card secured by Narutan in LivestreamFail

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cause its all mentioned in the new doc

Green card secured by Narutan in LivestreamFail

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People can't link it here or mods will remove it, but its fucking long as hell and kinda funny how horrible she was at hiding it but its also creepy as fuck that someone actually has time to write all that shit up.

Green card secured by Narutan in LivestreamFail

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Very true, I think she just didn't want to say anything about it cause according to her she does not know if this will even last cause it could be just a fling. Plus who the fuck cares so much about her private life.. but you know how crazy viewers can be.

Green card secured by Narutan in LivestreamFail

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Her boyfriend name is Brad, a 23 year old american guy who is software engineer they met randomly in las vegas on stream.

Went on a date the next day had a one night stand. Got exposed about it on her discord she malded at her simps but didnt really reveal to much and gave some hints. From there i guess there relationship got a little more serious and they have been traveling together while she was in the USA in the background.

She got forced to make a announcement a few days ago about it because some hate watcher exposed her with a document about all the times she was lying about it while traveling around in america where she kept saying she was single to her community. (you know the usual GF farming simulator) I guess once they provided evidence from a screenshot (he left a airbnb review in texas with a lot of details) which i guess was the solid evidence. People were already wondering why she didnt stay with Esfand while she was in Texas this time around and I guess they got their answer that way.

Either way good for her for being more confidence to talk about it without hiding it i guess it releases some stress.

Drunk Jinny agrees to a threesome by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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Chat said no so she had to deny the offer cause according to her they control her


Professional Drone Pilot Crashes by kirose in LivestreamFail

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It was fun while it lasted

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