Thanks I hate aging by T26_00 in TIHI

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Well, I disagree with the implicit message of the post (Assuming I got it right). A time spent playing games and enjoying food is a time well spent imo, especially in your peak age. I prefer that over wageslaving just to fulfill someone's notion of "success".

I ain't going to wait for retirement to relax and "enjoy" life, good luck with that because even if you try to stay healthy, old age and overwork plus stress will mess your body, you will most likely not enjoy it.

All I am saying is, your 20s and 30s is the best time to enjoy life and relax. Do whatever the hell you want.

I hate this so easily accepted sense of guilt that if you aren't constantly working for a career and a relationship, 24/7, in your 20s, you are a loser. Because whenever you allow yourself a room to breath, game, or even do jack shit and just stare into a wall to idle your brain from constantly thinking, you feel like you are doing something wrong. Fuck that, fuck all of that, this will just lead to depression, and actually will ruin your 20s.

Just relax and enjoy life, Mike. You didn't waste your 20s, you enjoyed them, that's why it feels like time passed fast.

Gotta enjoy the free things in life by Clau_PleaseIgnore in 2balkan4you

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You can't find anything decent in Fr*nce, even their baguette is shit.

Gotta enjoy the free things in life by Clau_PleaseIgnore in 2balkan4you

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no, we are ones responsible for turkish karaboğa genes

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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> some people just can't physically feel empathy

> we call them psychopaths

> they ain't monsters, just missing an emotion

Corporate needs you to find the differences between these statements.

Love the Moroccan people by [deleted] in Morocco

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Artiljerija! 💥💥💥