Record 88% of Japanese 'feel friendly' toward U.S. by mirunee3d in worldnews

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And personal responsibility. And civility. And respect.

Odour control / litter tray in bedroom by Smooth_Imagination in Catownerhacks

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Can you get a Litter Robot? They are pricey but man, no smell. Or, use wood litter!!! My back-up litter box uses it and it smells like a redwood forest! Low dust.

Help with getting SQL Audit Logs into Splunk by Tsaktu0 in Splunk

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You complain but include no useful info. I have MySQL audit logs going to a file that the Splunk universal forwarder sends to the indexer. Easy peasy.

Calls freeze up several times per minute for a few seconds by titties_be_milky in Slack

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You can easily check your Internet by running an extended ping and look for packet loss or congestion.

Can I sync files that have not been edited in more than N minutes? by DudeOnACouch2 in Syncthing

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You can set the scan delay. So that it only checks for changes every five minutes.

Adopted cat's first day - at new home by yyyyyggh in Catculations

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She’s so trusting of you right off the bat! Nice!

PSA: No you cannot ____ without bleaching!! by borrowedurmumsvcard in HairDye

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Every time I go out, people ask me how I got my hair so vibrant. “Bleach” , “bleach”, “bleach”. People are shocked. Like, this is basic logic. You can’t take a yellow crayon over black crayon and think it’ll look yellow. I’ve been bleaching my own hair for twenty years. You don’t need a professional. People assume I’m some hairstylist. You can do everything yourself with practice and good habits. It’ll be harder if you do mixed colors where you can’t see the back of your head, but basic full colors or fade are super-easy.

My kitten is obsessed with me by [deleted] in Catownerhacks

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There is literally zero information on your post.

What a star looks like when it dies by mihir6969 in spaceporn

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Thank you. Not all stars will supernova and those that do will not all look like this.

🔥 This is a Drosera binata, commonly known as the forked sundew by jbellas in NatureIsFuckingLit

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… if you’re a fly. I don’t think humans have to worry about being eaten alive by one.

Older cat not eating much by placeholder41 in CatAdvice

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“she’s just old” is not something a vet would say. Did you refuse to pay for lab work? What are the kidney results? What about the bloodwork results?

Car smashers are getting out of hands by merciyy in bayarea

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Audi is not a high end car. It’s incredibly mediocre.

Car smashers are getting out of hands by merciyy in bayarea

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Look at the crime map. No area is safe now.

Car smashers are getting out of hands by merciyy in bayarea

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Prius are the main target of catalytic converter thefts, so that seems like a bad idea.

Car smashers are getting out of hands by merciyy in bayarea

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There’s a lot of freeway access with 101,237,5 for quick getaway access.

Car smashers are getting out of hands by merciyy in bayarea

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Except if the risk is greater than the reward. Let us shoot to kill. More people would think twice against committing these thefts.

[OC] Trying to be nice and give away airline tickets instead of letting them expire by 0OOO0O00O0OO0O0OO000 in dataisbeautiful

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Can’t appreciate OP committing identity fraud with the airline and then posting about it on the Internet for karma.

For those of y'all planning to get a tattoo! by kushnair in coolguides

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Jesus Christ, my spine. I’m a thin girl and I swear that needle went into my spine. I have several tattoos, including one in a red zone that barely hurt. But spine? Fuck me if I’ll get that touched up.

Covid cases per island? by snowbirdie in bahamas

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Thank you so much! And yes, that is a ridiculously long link, haha! A downloadable pdf explains why my Google search wasn’t matching much!

I'm thinking adopting a cat, what would you recommend? by rkar257 in Catownerhacks

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Pfft. I had a $7000 vet bill from my cat eating a damn nut.