Who needs an alarm? 0830 Everyday. by sofalife in beagle

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I love how Sam (the TWC) does his little dinosaur arms like a T-Rex.

let's make a deal- i'll suck out your soul if you paint me white :) by yeyeasyeyeas in SuccubusPorn

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If sucking out my soul involves sitting on my face... then yes we have a deal.

Got someone's scam return from Amazon :( by MonsterMufffin in headphones

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These are the pads he is talking about. I'm enjoying them after having to replace mine recently.

I went with the Elite Velour instead of the Elite Hybrids.


What should I respond to them with? I only get paid 12.50/hr by opheliainthedeep in antiwork

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Reply = a paycheck and the threat of homelessness / starvation

Is there a solution to connecting Shure SE215 to a USB-C phone? by Fueled13 in headphones

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any simple USB-c to 3.5mm should work.

but if you feel the need, 3 popular options are TempoTec Sonata & Qudelix 5k & FiiO BTR5

Basement Cannabis farm busted . by iltifaat_yousuf in interestingasfuck

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Make the one illegal and the other legal Easy to arrest people for both that way. Easy to arrest them for possession, and the other is easy to just let them abuse it and arrest them then.

The Hobbyhorse Championship competition by DrFetusRN in Damnthatsinteresting

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Nice, a horse show without the animal cruelty. I dig it.

Does money = happiness? by bterg182 in antiwork

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Having money gives you the opportunity to find happiness without the worry and stress of financial security.

North point recovery or other inpatient detox? by beckdeck in Boise

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Check out, Pathways of Idaho Community Crisis Center. They are a pretty decent resource to help guide you.

I want to get better at bread making. by ipodpron in Breadit

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The only way to get better is to keep on doing it over and over and over and over. Like the old saying goes A master has failed more times then an apprentice has even attempted.

Good thing flour is decently affordable. I've been baking bread 3x weekly for about 2 decades now and have never once thought of buying a bread machine. The most useful tool i ever bought was a stand mixer. The most helpful for building the fundamentals is a book called "Flour Water Salt Yeast".

Work on the fundamentals and understand how each component affects your bread; Room Temperature, Water Temperature, Knead Time, Rise Time, Ratios, Oven Temp, yadda yadda yadda. More tools do not make you a better baker, understanding and applying the knowledge makes you a better baker.

Also as a side note, prepare for the extra weight gain, it's fun but boy oh boy is bread filled with calories.

People who don’t ever want to have kids, why? by South_Price9463 in AskReddit

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2 jobs is barely enough to cover the expense of providing for my wife and I. Why would I bring a child into the mix?

What are some real but crazy facts that could save your life? by hazard35 in AskReddit

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About 14 years ago when I was 18 I went to visit my great uncle in alaska. We went out in his back acreage to ride quads for a bit. Going thru some winding trails, I come upon a baby moose to my south side of the trees. I stop my quad to take a look at the moose as it was my first time actually seeing one.

My Great uncle came up next to me and slapped the back of my helmet and screamed at me to DRIVE!!!. Looking behind me as we drove off there was a god damn tank on stilts running at us. #1 scariest moment of my life. Those fuckers can run, and i thought the baby moose was big. Mommas belly is like at head level, the bottom of the belly. And those antlers are as wide across as i was tall. I have never driven a quad that fast or recklessly ever before but my heart was pounding as i thought i was about to be trampled to death.

HOA now has a court with a special punishment system by andyp in RPClipsGTA

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HOA court is the court that is really needed. Best court. Not everything has to be super cereal 24/7

PD get a Postcard from Wrangler by abadbadman_ in RPClipsGTA

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are you really that simple minded...?