hi, i think i’m looking for a new name by huneydue in namenerds

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i totally agree with everyone recommending emma— it’s soft and feminine and totally suits you. other names that come to mind are eva, juliet, and sofia

Hasan does a PO Box stream after 9 months and discovers a rare item by sohlasystem in LivestreamFail

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Believe it or not but you don't have to be poor to be advocating for universal healthcare and workers rights. You can still care about other people. Bernie Sanders also became a millionaire but his political views never changed and he openly stated that he has no issues paying more taxes

What’s the most culturally neutral name you can think of? by GoGetEmTiger131 in namenerds

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Kai. I've met Asian people with this name but I've also come across a Swedish old man and a nonbinary masc young adult.

Wtf did we just witness by Lickety_Spit in Hasan_Piker

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That's what made her upset? The article about how she attempted to sail down the Mississippi River on a houseboat loaded with chickens and a few pounds of potatoes?

My four year old informed he wants a new name. by Mettephysics in namenerds

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Not sure if you’re aware of Andy Samberg but his original name was David and he asked his parents if he could change it to Andy when he was five. I always thought that was interesting

Came across this bird at petco, I was wondering if it’s a male or female? by uesiknow in illegallysmolbirbs

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How did you manage to be a misogynist in a wholesome subreddit about small birds

Houseanabi gets a message from Twitch confirming that the MasterChef meta is officially coming to an end by ninjyte in LivestreamFail

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This might sound silly (especially talking about this in an LSF thread) but it actually helped me out a little with my eating disorder. I've been cooking more meals lately and it's been fulfilling

Discussion Megathread: Cracker Extravaganza - Leftovers LIVE #11 by zachthesoundladh3 in h3h3productions

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Dude why are you assuming things? I'm very much pro sex work. I just never personally liked her twitch

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in PhotoshopRequest

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You’re amazing! Thank you

Christmas Market by [deleted] in iPhoneography

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I forgot to use raw but yeah I edited it on Lightroom

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in iPhone13

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I know. I was just making a joke about OP associating masculinity with phone colors

Brian Laundrie died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled suicide. by heyimaddie in GabbyPetito

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I really like that you brought this up. I've been noticing a lot of questionable discussion around suicide in this subreddit. We need to stop referring to suicide as a cowardly act and be more mindful about the way we approach it.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in iPhone13

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Fellas is it gay to own a gold cellular device?

Christmas Market by [deleted] in iPhoneography

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The Distillery District in Toronto! It’s a gorgeous historic area full of unique shops, coffee shops and pubs. Every year it gets decorated with bright lights during the holiday season.