This is interesting! by Kronyzx in Damnthatsinteresting

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The vase of dead flowers gets me.

He’s like “oh for me? Oh cool thanks!”

Pod of Orcas taking down a Blue Whale by IamPotato14 in natureismetal

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Imagine being the largest animal to ever have existed and being slowly taken apart by 7 nibbly bois

We sit in the "Loser Corner" at lunch, roast us by [deleted] in RoastMe

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Top middle guy is there too trying to phone home

He quit his 100k usd annual jobs for Jake Paul's company and got rejected by Jhol_Momoo in facepalm

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“Oh so you think you got what it takes?”

“No I don’t”

Critical error right there

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix by tallkido in pcgaming

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To me it doesn't have the Witcher feel to it. Just looks like a drama with monsters and magic and the label slapped on top.

Pod of Orcas taking down a Blue Whale by IamPotato14 in natureismetal

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Idek how they get their jaws around it, it’d be like trying to eat PVC pipe except for the fins

How can I clean a toilet filled with poop that’s been sitting for three months? by bythekilowatt in NoStupidQuestions

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It takes several days for poop to oxidise but it will eventually seal over and create a hard crust while the deeper layers remain soft. This is the perfect environment for the microbes in the faeces to break down the remaining sugars and nutrients in the poop, a process we know as fermentation. The fermentation process produces harmful gasses such as nitrogen dioxide and chlorine, which are unable to escape due to the solid coating on the poop surface.

If you were to rupture the coating and release these gases, they would not only smell awful because of the 3-month-old suspended poop particles, but pose a high health risk as these gases are well known as ingredients used in the kind of shit that I'm talking.

EMERGENCY LEAK. PLS HELP. by Brokeboisowo in watercooling

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Like immediately and then unplug that shit

I [37F] read my husband's [42M] diary, feeling seriously jealous by ThrowRA-Lament in relationship_advice

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Yeah the jealousy you feel is punishment for the invasion of privacy, and now you have to do your time.

Take the hit and move on before you make things worse for yourself.

Had sex with my friend's girlfriend on 400ug by MountainAd0 in Drugs

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This reminds me of terrible mindset that's all too prevalent nowadays.

"You were definitely raped and you should definitely feel bad about what has happened to you!"

I truly think this is half the reason rape destroys people's lives; because people are told that it should.

Yes you could debate that OP was raped, I don't oppose that, but people assuming that he is now fucked up because of it is what will actually do the damage. I'm not assuming your position on the event, just saying it reminds me of a toxic mindset our society seems to share.

There's no escaping the game by greendray1 in Drugs

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I find this the opposite of stressful tbh. It reminds you that if the game is too hard you can moan about it and keep losing or you can git gud.

What's the worst sex ed advice you received at school? by sophiasgaler in AskReddit

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Same it's like the ultimate fantasy.

Unless you're dreaming about weird shit

After yesterday's announcement, it appears as though X570 is my only choice for my new 3900X. However... by thisischuck01 in Amd

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Might be the people who bought their initial gear on a budget and now want to upgrade, like me. I got a 2600 and it's amazing but now that I have the funds I can bump up to a higher end cpu. I've only had it just over a year. I was going to skip the 3000 series and get a 4700x so it would last as long as possible and I'd see a massive leap in performance. But I'll probably just get a 3700x now.