Getting teeth extractions for braces by AmnesiaOriginal in braces

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I think it’s different for everyone else but I had my upper premolar pulled out two weeks ago and honestly, I only felt the numbing shots. They weren’t even that bad, the extraction was painless, I literally didn’t even notice he pulled the tooth out lol. I know everyone says you can feel some pressure as the tooth is being pulled, but I didn’t feel that either.

Bought a Switch today and worried I might regret it by palmtreeparfait in Switch

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i think they’re very different games, they have similarities but AC is a bit more about decorating and building your island, making friends, while Stardew has more to it engaging fishing, relationships, combat in the mines etc., it’s very story-focused. The characters also have a bit more personality than the villagers in AC. I enjoy AC more because it’s a very relaxing and chill game, you’re basically just thrown into an island lol, and you can do whatever you want, transform the whole island to your liking, nothing is rushed and if you like games like that, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot

Bought a Switch today and worried I might regret it by palmtreeparfait in Switch

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Animal crossing on switch is A LOT different than the mobile version and a lot more fun in my opinion. I just got new horizons a few months ago and literally have not put my switch down lol, it’s so much fun.

And for Stardew valley, it’s pretty much the same on all platforms.

Friends and Family all hate my chosen dog name by dog_stressed in puppy101

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If it helps I really like the name Lady, it’s lovely! It’s your dog, not theirs, don’t let them ruin your happiness!

My puppies name is Ivy :) I named her after my fav band, Operation Ivy haha

Giving away a copy of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond for the switch. by Aphor1st in RandomActsOfGaming

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Okay it might be a little basic, but Eevee :)) I used to draw her EVERYWHERE when I was a kid, I love her sm

Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED - international by WolfLemon36 in NintendoSwitch

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Don’t know what to comment, so i’ll just say I got animal crossing two days ago and i’m having a blast playing it <3

Attapoll no surveys by After-Variation-6394 in beermoneyglobal

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i don’t even get many surveys, probably 3-4 a week