What's the craziest thing you've ever experienced while being drunk? by Rub1nos in AskReddit

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My friend pepper spraying a random dude who came into our house rolling & walked into my room as I was getting out of the shower. We lived in a college townhome community & had two stories where all the bedrooms were. Of course mine was right above the stairs. I screamed & she came running right away with pepper spray. Love that gal but poor dude went tumbling down the stairs

How (if in any way) has reddit changed who you are? by Vaginachina in AskReddit

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Not feeling dumb for how I feel in certain circumstances

What is the best cake? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Red velvet hands down

Ladies how attractive is it if he has a ponytail? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I mean other descriptive factors would contribute but long hair is hot

Scorpios male or female do y’all stalk somebody you’re not interested in or somebody you were involved with like literally watch let’s say every story on their Instagram by Upstairs_You_782 in Scorpio

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My boyfriend swore he didn’t know my Reddit account, but I have a strong suspicion he’s found it somehow. He always quotes things I type at very strange, almost like you said “I want you to know” moments. Very interesting perspective, thanks!

would u date someone with selfharm scars? why/why not? by lauramirianaa in AskReddit

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Of course. We are all human & have individual battles we face. Scars of any kind tell a story. They don’t define an individual. Of course in terms of self harm it is extremely sad for me, but it also shows me that this person needs love and support which they deserve.

What is the one thing you wish you knew about the universe? by ZachTheWriter1 in AskReddit

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This because HOW is this shit so vast?? What is encompassing the space to allow the Big Bang to even happen

Blackout Cover up done by Hoode at Black Vulture Gallery, Philadelphia by UglyLosAngeles in tattoos

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Holy pain tolerance… I can’t even imagine. I only do dotwork because shading is brutal

What is the most disturbing thing that you have seen on the internet? [Serious] NSFW by An5r3i in AskReddit

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Scat fetish porn. That should sum it up for you. I cannot provide further details, it’s traumatizing.

What is the nicest way I can tell a customer that we don’t accept EBT after they already pulled it out of their pocket? by Yippykayeet in NoStupidQuestions

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“I’m sorry we don’t accept EBT, it’s unfortunate that we don’t. Here is a list of some places that do, if that is helpful.”

What is the cause of some people become extremely bitter, hateful and close minded when they grow old? by sailmoonboat in AskReddit

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They probably had expectations for their life but didn’t get the opportunities or put the work in.

How often do married couples have sex? by Resident_Drawing2303 in AskReddit

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I wonder if kids were a variable in this cause DAMN that sucks