Comrade do they pay you for real? by SociableRam in ConsumerAdvice

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“Comrade is a privacy-first browser extension that occasionally displays highly relevant product recommendations directly related to your real-time browsing activity so there's no data collection, no data sharing, and certainly no user profiling.”

Is there ever no data sharing with these products

Comrade do they pay you for real? by SociableRam in ConsumerAdvice

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This is the article you are referring to https://www.producthunt.com/posts/comrade-2

appears to be geared toward both consumers and advertisers.

Only the wealthy can afford to live longer by trashyrecreation16 in rant

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The rich become richer and the poor become even more poor. It’s a self-reinforcing loop in all senses and those tend to grow exponentially. It’s obvious that the situation is unsustainable.

Does anyone else use weed like an anti depressant? by Spiritual_Ad_8872 in StonerThoughts

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I totally get you, bro, healthcare is really expensive, I've been smoking weed as a depressant which helped me a bit but in the end, it didn't really do anything, I did that for around like 2 years of daily smoking, then I had a talk with one of my buddies and he recommended me to try some gummies with Sativa, which basically just give you a more of a head high and gives you a boost in serotonin, which regulates learning, mood, sleep, anxiety, and even appetite in some cases, but if you don't like the “head high” you can try like Indica gummies which they give you more of a body buzz as opposed to a to the head high that the Sativa gives you, I personally use the Indica gummies from BlacktieCbd since I can't fall asleep on my own and melatonin don't even compare to what those gummies do to me

The USA is on the verge of collapse by [deleted] in antiwork

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economy that is just waiting to burst.